Thursday, February 04, 2010

Kung Fu movie "True Legend" premieres in Beijing

The highly-anticipated martial arts film True Legend has premiered in Beijing. The film is directed by Yuen Woo-ping, and employs 3-D techniques. It's aiming to take a big slice of China's movie market during the China's new year season.

Major cast members Jay Chou, Zhou Xun and Vincent Zhou joined Director Yuen, at the premiere.

True Legend is regarded by critics as one of the most stunning flicks Yuen has ever directed. Many of its scenes were shot in breathtakingly dangerous places, like the Hukou Waterfall at the Yellow River in North China's Shanxi Province.


Jay Chou plays two separate roles in the film. When asked about how he switches the roles with such ease and grace, Chou had this to say.

Jay Chou said, "The two roles I played in the film are very different characters. And they have diverse Kungfu styles. I think this is a great challenge for me. I really enjoyed myself during the shooting and I think I fulfilled the roles."


Mainland actress Zhou Xun, who plays Yuan Ying in the film, says sometimes filming took extra effort.

Zhou Xun said, "There was a scene shot on a mountain slope, where I was required to climb up the mountain hauling a wooden cart. I felt filming the scene is like a mission impossible, for the cart is too heavy and I could hardly make any steps upward along the slope."

Although director Yuen Woo-ping is known for his Kung Fu choreography in movies, the film also has a softer side. There are emotional relationships between family members, lovers and siblings.

True Legend is set for release across the country on February 9th.


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