Thursday, October 01, 2009

Zhou Xun publicly admits she is in love


At the Tuesday movie gala for upcoming blockbuster movie, The Message, Chinese actress Zhou Xun graciously admitted that she is currently in love with the son of a millionaire, Wang Shuo. This is the first time the actress publicly acknowledged her ongoing romance with Wang. Zhou smiled as she shared about a present she received from him during a charity auction.

A few days ago, Wang secretly placed bids in a Beijing charity auction through a phone with the help of Hong Kong actor, Jaycee Chan. He won the S$3.88-million bid of a palace-model donated by Jackie Chan. As Zhou was also present at the charity event, Chan surprised her and presented Zhou with the gift from Wang.

Earlier in June this year, Zhou publicly announced her split with ex-boyfriend-cum-stylist, Lee Da-chi. She was soon rumoured to be with the son of a wealthy tycoon businessman who is also the stepson of Chinese actress, Wang Yan.

According to media reports, Chan was said to be the matchmaker between Zhou and Wang. Said to be currently cohabitating together, the Rolls-Royce that Zhou commutes in is speculated to be a gift from her generous boyfriend.


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