Tuesday, October 20, 2009

“The Message” Tops the Box Office during China’s National Holiday Week

The Message (Feng Sheng) topped the coveted national holiday week, with 150 million RMB (22 USD) which is really, really high to the point of raising eyebrows. Either way, the film has done what Hua Yi has out to do – be a blockbuster, and showcase some of its finest actors, which has been accomplished with both main actresses nabbing Golden Horse nods. Actor Huang Xiaoming also got to show off his improvement singing, by performing the theme song live rather impressively (though not enough for me to want another album from him). Li Bingbing and Alec Su look like they’re enjoying the performance too.

Meanwhile together with The Founding of a Republic’s high returns, this has become the higest grossing weekend in Chinese box office history, and Founding of a Republic broke the 360 million yuan mark.

Source: http://cfensi.wordpress.com

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