Sunday, May 10, 2009

Zhou Xun was employed as a “green travel ambassador”

May 5, Zhou Xun was awarded the “Green Expo travel ambassador” letter of appointment. Need to travel as a result of the use of nanny vans, Zhou Xun 233 seedlings subscribed to offset last year by vehicles traveling nanny 60,008 1000 kilometers of carbon dioxide emissions from the road. She set an example to disclose their advocacy of “green living”, from last year have begun to repeat dressing.

As “green travel ambassador” subscription 233 trees

Yesterday, the Shanghai World Expo for Zhou Hong, the Secretary issued a “Green Expo travel ambassador” letter of appointment. Because of the relationship between work, Zhou Xun playing the “flying” frequently, philosophy for environmental protection, she had purchased last year for the 238 seedlings in 2008 offset the mileage of 149,483 kilometers by the flight of the carbon dioxide emissions.

After the press conference, Zhou Xun, together with the media by green bus came to planting trees in botanical gardens. Zhou Xun said frankly: “As the working relationship between the normal travel nanny vans are sitting today, I would like to purchase 233 seedlings to offset last year by vehicles traveling nanny 60,008 1000 kilometers of carbon dioxide emissions from the road.” Plain clothing, she subscribe to the cultivation of seedlings, and to encourage everyone to: “a tree about twenty or thirty dollars, which is equivalent to a cup of coffee, we usually eat a bowl alive, when you spend twenty or thirty dollars a book, bell, you given a power of the earth, please everyone. When you see the green into a botanical garden, the mood will be like me excited. ”

Repeat self-exposing dress shoot boxes

Since the United Nations Goodwill Ambassador, promoting green living, Zhou Xun has already begun to pursue vegetarian, “I’m basically 80% are vegetarian.” Female star on the run, the first line up to spend a lot of effort of course, always seek to make innovative changes dizzying, Zhou Xun are willing to plain green, “if you want we will find that a lot of clothes from the last year I started wearing on repeatedly.” In addition, she said the production crew filming in the city-owned and boxes with chopsticks.

Asked about how the production crew is filming the destruction of the environment, Zhou said: “This is mainly the need for awareness promotion, we all consciously, it is not the matter.” She said most crew are very conscious of environmental protection, “in the film “King”, I have told them not to mention, the production crew to everyone on the initiative made a bag lunch and environmental protection. In “Sounds of wind,” the production crew, actors have become very conscious when eating together, on their own show their own lunch boxes, all kinds of places together, very interesting.


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