Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Zhou Xun's image in "Feng Sheng" (aka "Sound of the Wind")

Zhou Xun's image in "Feng Sheng" (aka "Sound of the Wind")

In "Feng Sheng" Zhou Xun plays "Gu Xiao Meng", a decoder. She shared her thought of this role, Gu Xiao Meng is very different from her roles in previous movies, that it is the first movie does not talk about love. From reading the script at the beginning to current, she has not discovered existence of love. However, in the period of shooting, she can enter an unknown suspense world, the movie and the role give her feeling "The tree wants to be still, but the wind keeps on blowing".

Other characters in "Feng Sheng":

Li Bing Bing

Huang Xiao Ming

Zhang Han Yu

Relationship among characters in "Feng Sheng":

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