Thursday, March 05, 2009

Chow Yun Fat plays Confucius and Zhou Xun his lover

Big screen epic "Confucius" has yet to take shape after half a year from the time its Chinese director Hu Mei held a press conference to announce his plans for this movie lat August. One week ago, famous Hong Kong film producer Manfred Wong wrote on his column that Chow Yun Fat will be taking on the role as Confucius in the movie, while the philosopher's lover will be acted by Zhou Xun.

Having been away from the screen for some time, Chow was seen on many occasions recently to promote his new movie. On meeting the Hong Kong press on Mar 3, Chow revealed that he will be acting as Confucius in Hu's new epic and is just waiting to sign the contract with Hu.

For a convincing depiction as Confucius, Chow has started keeping a beard. Though he may pass off easily on the physical side, Chow revealed that he knows little of the philosopher's teachings.

On the other hand, in Hollywood new movie "Dragon Ball", Chow explained that there are many layers to his role as Master Roshi who is a unity of humor, action, romance and rationality.


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