Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Zhou Xun gets Hong Kong citizenship!

Chinese actress Zhou Xun's application for Hong Kong citizenship was successful and she had collected her new identity card in January. Zhou revealed that though she is currently discussing a few movie deals with various producers, she has a stronger a desire to sing

Since the Hong Kong government introduced the "Quality Migrant Admission Scheme" in 2006, it has become a trend among Chinese artistes to apply for Hong Kong residence under the scheme; most recently, Zhou joined Tang Wei and Hu Jun in January as a Hong Kong immigrant under the scheme. Zhou told reporters that her application was purely for job convenience; she will still focus on the Mainland market.

In espionage movie "Sound of the Wind", Zhou played the role of a decoder, Gu Xiaomeng. She said she has a love-hate relationship with the role. To wear a cheongsam for a movie "was dream come true". She had experience wearing cheongsam when she was a child and had always wanted to wear it again as a grown-up but she did not expect her dream to come true so soon.

However as a spy, she also had to wear the military uniform. "I feel stifled and restricted in the uniform. I have to stand very straight in the uniform and cannot relax. That's very tiring," she said.
She revealed that filming for "Sound of the Wind" will go on till April. "There are a few other movies which I'm getting in touch with; but recently I have this burning desire to sing," she said

Source: http://sg.news.yahoo.com

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