Thursday, January 08, 2009

Zhou Xun wins "female star of the year" of Sohu annual prize

January 8 2009, Sohu, one of the Chinese famous e-magazine, had a grand party, also announced characters of 12 items in the annual prize ("female star of the year", "male star of the year", "blog of the year", "people of the year"...). Many stars gathered and walked the red carpet like Zhao Wei, Super Junior, Zhang Xinzhe, Zhao Benshan...

Three movies shown respectively in the end of 2008 ("The Equation of Love and Death" and "Painted Skin" in September, "All about Women" in December") and with unceasingly diligence, Zhou Xun wins "female star of the year". Sun Hong Lei ("Forever Enthralled")gets "male star of the year" prize.

Date: January 8 2009

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