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Top 5 movie theme songs

Source: CCTV.com
01-05-2009 10:03

As new year films open in national cinemas, their theme songs are jamming the airwaves. On today's countdown we check out five of the most popular movie songs.

No.5 Love Hard

Director Tsui Hark's latest film "All About Women" is a story about modern women's romantic fantasies and 21st Century life in Beijing. Its theme song, Love Hard is sung by lead actresses Zhou Xun and Gui Lunmei. The song is composed by famous musicians Yi Jiangyang, Li Sisong and Li Weisong. Director Tsui Hark wrote the lyrics of the song himself.

No.4 Good Friends Still

Hong Kong singer/actor Louis Koo and singer Jasmine Leung perform the theme song from Fit Lover - Good Friends Still. The song's composed by Huang Yunling, and written by Lin Xi. The magnetic voice of Louis Koo proved to be an ideal match with the nostalgic rendering of Jasmine Leung. Good Friends Still is expected to be a new favorite for Karaoke lovers.

No.3 The Yangtze River Runs East

Theme song of the wildly anticipated second installment of Red Cliff is sung by Tibetan singer A Lan. "The Yangtze River Runs East" is the creation of a stellar team. Taiwan musician Francis Lee wrote the lyrics, inspired by the poems of Northern Song dynasty poets Su Dongpo and Yang Shen. Japanese composer Taro Iwashiro brings fresh elan through introducing orchestral music into the composition. The song may not be so easy to hum because of its technical difficulty, but ideally suits the magnificence of the film.

No.2 You Know My Love

From the film Forever Enthralled comes a heart-wrenching melody performed by leading actors Leon Lai and Zhang Ziyi. The string music for the song was recorded in the Sony Studio in Japan, and the drum and bass part in the United States. The music video for the song was directed by Leon Lai himself. Actress Zhang Ziyi sings for the first time for a film. Their voices may be less than perfect, but the two of them appearing together is a pleasing combination.

No.1 Take it for Real

Director Feng Xiaogang's hilarious new year comedy, If You are the One, also touches on serious issues. The film captures the problems a person might encounter while seeking for the right life partner in a very tangible way. The theme song, Taking it for Real recalls those hardships in the pursuit of love. It is sung by Shang Weijie and the duo Yuquan.

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