Monday, December 29, 2008

Zhou Xun applies for Hong Kong settlement permit

Channel NewsAsia - Monday, December 29

According to China media reports, China actress Zhou Xun has applied to reside and settle in Hong Kong through the "Quality Migrant Admission Scheme". It is speculated that chances for the award winning actress to gain approval for her application is high.

Zhou's personal assistant has verified this issue. "Zhou Xun has many assignments in Hong Kong. If she manages to get the visa under the scheme, it will be more convenient for her," he said.

Result of the application has not been released but for a Best Female Lead award winner at the Golden Horse Awards to apply through the achievement-based points test, the possibility of success is high.

If Zhou's application is granted, she will be the fifth celebrity after Tang Wei, Hu Jun, Zhang Ziyi and Li Ning, to settle in Hong Kong.

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