Thursday, December 04, 2008

"Painted Skin" Taipei premiere

“Painted Skin” yesterday night held its Taipei premiere, and main leads Vicki Zhao and Zhou Xun specially dressed up to attend this event. Both said that the thing they miss most about Taiwan is its food. While Vicki was doing her make-up, she had already started to plan what she would eat: “Ever since leaving Taiwan, my brain just cannot forget Taiwan’s snacks, Dong Shan duck’s head, pineapple crisp and spicy pot are all foods that I must eat this time, no matter how busy I am!”

Zhou Xun, who hasn’t come back to Taiwan ever since winning the Golden Horse award for her film “Perhaps Love” 3 years ago, this time brought her stylist boyfriend Li Da Qi to accompany her, and the 2 were wearing couple coats as they arrived at the airport. To Zhou Xun, this soon-to-be Taiwanese daughter-in-law, Taiwan is already her second home, but she said, “Actually I am not familiar with many places, because every time I come, my schedule is full with promotional activities, and I can only look out my car window to see attractions and hotels.” Although Zhou Xun will be in Taiwan for a longer time this time, her work arrangements are even more, and she can only comfort herself saying, “Just let Taiwanese fans look at me then, attractions and food can only wait for next time!”

Translated by: Sarah @

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