Monday, December 15, 2008

All About Women: Sex and the Chinese city

China's own Sex and The City is the obvious way to describe the romantic comedy, All About Women. Instead of four single women in Manhattan, however, imagine three in Beijing. Tsui Hark's stylish, hilarious adventure probes trendy, contemporary Beijing through three encounters in the lives and loves of three modern yet very different, young women.

Zhou Xun plays a radiologist, who is addicted to analyzing male patients' statistics and analyzing love based on her scientific theory. Big mushroom heads and exaggerated sunglasses are used to increase the fun. Kwai Lun-mei, who starred in Taiwan singer Jay Chou's self-directorial film Secret, transforms from an innocent to a sassy girlfriend who is fascinated by internet dating. Kitty Zhang plays a rich senior executive of a large investment bank. A sickly looking university professor appears in her life.

The film marks a drastic departure from Tsui's earlier works, which focused heavily on martial arts, such as Green Snack and the recent Seven Swords. Hong Kong cinema's preeminent creative force for the last two decades shows no signs of slowing down in his 50s.


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