Sunday, November 30, 2008

"All about Women" Poster Unveiled

The first poster with all three leading roles of the much awaited comedy "All about Women" was unveiled Thursday.

Directed by Hong Kong's prolific film maker Tsui Hark, the movie tells the story of three urban ladies from different backgrounds seeking true love.

Hark says he has tried to delve into the relationships and love experiences of the modern metropolis community.

Mainland actress Zhou Xun and Taiwan starlet Lun-Mei Guey star the film. The flick will hit screens in December during the traditional year-end 'hot season'.

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Tsui Harks New Movie Is ALL ABOUT WOMEN

November 13, 2008

Instead of making a sequel to Seven Swords, as he has promised a few years back, Tsui Hark announced he would do a re-make of his own classic Peking Opera Blues, an actioner featuring three women's story in the 1920s China. Then instead of a decent remake, the new alleged remake, All About Women, (the original Chinese title literally means "Women Are Not Bad" or "Women Are Not Mean"), turns out to be a comedy set in today's Beijing, not much of a remake except the center of the story are also three women.

The first woman is 31 year old Tang Lu (Zhang Yuqi), a white collar who masterfully using her beauty to make men hopelessly fall for her and to pave the way for her success; the second women is Fan Fan (Zhou Xun), an unattractive doctor, who knows everything about rectum and nothing about men; and the third women is Tie Ling (Kwai Lunmei), a lead band singer plus boxer, who has a perfect boyfriend existing only in her own fantasy. The script is penned by Tsui Hark and Korean screenwriter Kwak Jae-yong and the cast also include Alex Fong, Stephen Fung and Eddie Peng.

Tsui Hark's earlier works are way better than his recent works. A Better Tomorrow series with Chow Yun-Fat, from the 1980s and martial art films like, Wong Fei Hung series with Jet Li and The Blade with Zhao Wenzhuo, from the 1990s are classics near impossible to be duplicated. His Hollywood try-outs are so painfully to watch that I prefer to erase all the memories of them. The Legend of Zu is an ambition derailed by poorly developed story and not unimpressive CG effects. Seven Swords is an encouraging return to his martial-art root, though falls short of matching his early works. Triangle is an interesting idea fails to deliver the expected. Missing is a wired combination of horror and romance, which turns out to be nothing special.

Peking Opera Blues is one of Tsui Hark's best and All About Women, remake or not a remake, is not what we expected from him. But we will watch it anyway, because he is Tsui Hark.

Not All Women Are Bad, a contemporary comedy


Hong Kong's acclaimed Tsui Hark is in the director's chair filming a new production: "Not All Women Are Bad". The film marks a drastic departure from Tsui's earlier works, which focused heavily on martial arts, period dramas. "Not All Women are Bad" is a contemporary comedy. It's slated for release on the Chinese mainland and the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region on December 4th.

"Not All Women Are Bad" is a comedy on modern metropolitan life. This one however, has a fresh perspective. It evolves against the backdrop of Beijing's rapidly developing cityscape.

Tsui Hark was so unrestrained and full of energy as he directed his cast, that sometimes the actors became a little confused.

Zhou Xun, Actress, said, "Every time he gave us a direction, it came as a surprise. We had no idea of what he was going to do. I was told to stand in my position and look at the camera from a certain angle. I was told to kiss somebody. But I had no grasp of the story line. He was bouncing all the way through the filming."

Tsui Hark, said, "At first, I tell my actors what I hope them to do. But very often it turns out to be another feeling in the end. Anyway, I always try to be versatile and forget myself when I throw myself into the work."

The film is a contemporary look at three women with different occupations and social backgrounds and how they deal with love.

Zhou Xun plays multiple roles: doctor, patient, reporter and pregnant woman. Gui Lunmei plays a spice girl. Zhang Yuqi takes the role of a woman of wealth.

The film is slated for release during the competitive year-end season when many big productions vie for the lion's share of box office revenues. Tsui Hark says if his film's box office surpasses a hundred million yuan, he'll be satisfied.

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