Sunday, September 28, 2008

New fantasy Painted Skin hits Hong Kong screens

Hong Kong cinema fan-fave director Gordon Chan is back! He’s probably best known for the 1994 Jet Li-starrer, Fist of Legend, a remake of the Bruce Lee classic Fist of Fury.

This time he’s tackling a classic literary horror-fantasy by author Liao Zhai, and trading chop-socky for a ghostly atmosphere. Entitled Painted Skin, this new release focuses on a long-ago general who rescues a stunning beauty from the clutches of some evil barbarians, only to find that her glamorous looks are maintained by some unusual appetite demands. The damsel with the dark secret is played by gorgeous Chinese actress Zhou Xun, but the real reason to get pumped to see this movie, in my opinion, is co-star Donnie Yen, who traded blows with Jet Li in the amazing classic Once Upon a Time in China II. Word on the street is that this pic is more romance that actioner, but that’s okay by me. I like Hong Kong fantasy romances with a touch of martial arts, a la 1993’s ravishing Bride With White Hair, so if Painted Skin even comes close to that genre fave, I’ll be happy.

You can check out an English-subtitled trailer for Painted Skin here. No word on possible U.S. distribution as of yet, so if you want to see this in the States, you’ll probably have to wait for a Chinese DVD release.


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