Sunday, August 10, 2008

Zhou Xun and Li Daqi to attend the dinner the President of Singapore

Zhou Xun of China recently often to the United Nations Development Programme Goodwill Ambassador for the identity of the promotion of environmental protection, she was in Singapore to the orchid named after the honor, the day before yesterday, Zhou Xun (25) to accept this honor, and access to Singapore President SR Nathan ( Sellapan Rama Nathan) summoned, we can see that Zhou Xun in environmental protection efforts, has begun to receive international recognition.

Zhou Xun is the Singapore Garden Festival invitation to participate here, "Lan Zhou Xun," the naming ceremony, organised by a unit of Singapore Garden Festival Committee and arranged for her to attend the presidential dinner. According to local people that in Singapore will be invited to have dinner with the president is the glory of things, Zhou Xun feel this trip was respected everywhere. In order to comply with international etiquette, Zhou Xun Li Qi with her boyfriend when the male partner, to attend the dinner. She was wearing a black Burberry tuxedo, the black-suit is to attend the dinner, very impressive, there are fans waiting outside, loud calls: "Xun Zhou Qi big, you like the Prince and Princess Margaret ah!" Let some of Zhou Xun I am sorry.

Zhou Xun and Singapore President SR Nathan

President Nathan to see Zhou Xun, constantly praised her beauty, but also for her understanding of the Singapore expressed surprise. Zhou Xun in the original to see the President of Singapore, Zhou Xun read a lot of the local environmental protection and greening measures, hope to have the "Garden City" for the reputation of the Singapore experience. President Nathan also said that the greening of Xiamen is very impressive. Zhou Xun said that in fact former president also see a bit nervous, did not expect the other side like a kind grandfather, and her very cordial conversation. Big-think to see his girlfriend witnessed the President, presented the "Zhou Xun's" very excited about the honor.

Zhou Xun and Da Qi

She says with a laugh, remember that boys have not sent her a bouquet of flowers, do not remember she had received a bouquet of flowers, instead of big-boyfriend sent her a tree impressive. She sent the big-time, said: "this tree grow up, you can be a Pashu." Original especially her childhood, most often boys and neighbors to Pashu, the close-to let her have the opportunity to revisit Childhood. This tree species present in the outskirts of Beijing, Xiao Zhou also occasionally to look at.

Because she likes flowers and trees, she dreams in the garden with a large lawn, the grass on the Ningmeng Shu and the ginkgo tree. She said: "I like when the Ningmeng Shu numerous strong, green in color yellow. Also hope to have a great big ginkgo, I do not know when to start from, I like ginkgo tree, I imagine the dream garden, Ginkgo 3.5 Manshu turn yellow in the fall, Huang is a feeling pained, then certainly very beautiful. I hope that the trees have a pool of hot springs, where I can enjoy the garden, quietly listening to the Niaojiao. "She said, Each person can have one pair of garden's imagination, as far as possible in the home around planting trees, flowers, can not only beautify the living, can also contribute to greening contribution


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