Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Zhou Xun Goes Green

2008-06-26 10:26:50

Chinese actress Zhou Xun shots an album for "Trendshealth" magazine to promote green living concepts. The star was appointed as a National Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations Development Program in April.


Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Equation of Love and Death

The Equation of Love and Death is new English title of Li Mi's Encounters.

It was reported the movie will be shown widely on August 19th 2008 in China.

Here are some general informations:

The Equation of Love and Death

English Name : The Equation of Love and Death
Release Date:2008
Director :Cao Bao Ping
Producer:Siuming Tsui, Wang Zhongjun
Writer:Cao Bao Ping
Actors:Zhou Xun, Deng Chao, Wang Bao Qiang, Zhang Han Yu
Country(ies):Hong Kong, China


Limi is a cab driver on a search; she's been trying to find her fiance, who disappeared from her life suddenly after her disapproving parents broke off their pending marriage. For four years, Limi has been receiving letters from her fiance randomly, all sent to her without a returing address. Unable to let go, Limi keeps his photos tucked in a magazine, showing them to every passenger that boards for a ride.

When a mysterious death occurs, Limi runs into several unexpected strangers and discovers the reason behide her fiance's disappearance...



Monday, June 16, 2008

Raintree's horror flick "Painted Skin" creates buzz in Shanghai

SHANGHAI: MediaCorp Raintree Pictures is releasing the first pictures of its much anticipated horror-flick "Painted Skin" at the 11th Shanghai Film Festival.

For the first time, six Singapore feature films will be screened under a dedicated country showcase at the film festival, an honour given to only two other countries this year - Germany and Italy.

Two of the Singapore films, Wee Li Lin's "Gone Shopping" and Han Yew Kwang's "18 Grams of Love", are competing for the Asia New Talent Award.

The much anticipated mystery surrounding China's first eastern supernatural movie - "Painted Skin" - has also been revealed.

The US$15 million movie is also the first co-production between China's Ningxia Film Studio, Shanghai Film Group and Singapore's MediaCorp Raintree Pictures.

Other partners for the project include China's Ningxia Film Studio, Salon Films, Golden Sun Films and New Film Association.

The movie is expected to hit the big screens in China, Singapore, Hong Kong and Malaysia on September 28.

Based on one of the most chilling stories from the book "The Strange Tales of Liaozhai", "Painted Skin" is about a hideous spirit that wears the skin of a beautiful woman to prey on unsuspecting men.

The movie boasts a stellar cast, including China's Zhou Xun, Sun Li, Vicky Zhao Wei and Chen Kun, Hong Kong's action hero Donnie Yen, and Singapore-based Chinese actor Qi Yuwu.

Qi Yuwu, who is a MediaCorp artiste, said: "The whole movie was shot in the coldest winter in the last 50 years in China. So during the filming, because it was very cold, and sometimes my hands and expressions were all like frozen, so it's very challenging."

Even before the release of the movie, there is already talk of a second adaptation of Pusongling's novel, "Liaozhai".

Daniel Yun, managing director of MediaCorp Raintree Pictures, said: "Because it is groundbreaking to have a supernatural film to be shown in China, and to have such a global attention of this film, to talk about a second adapt is very logical." - CNA/ac


Some more Zhou Xun's stills in the movie



Stills of All-star Movie Painted Skin Made Public

2008-06-16 18:46:00

Stills of Chinese mainland actress Zhou Xun, who plays a ghost in the thriller "Huapi," or P"ainted Skin" were released during the 11th Shanghai International Film Festival on Sunday, June 15. [Photo:]

Over 100 stills from the movie "Huapi," or "Painted Skin," were released Sunday during the 11th Shanghai International Film Festival, according to a report from Nanfang Daily.

The Gordon Chan movie has amassed many big-name performers, including Hong Kong action star Donnie Yen and mainland actresses Vicky Zhao, Zhou Xun and Betty Sun, and actor Chen Kun.

"Painted Skin" is a thriller centering on a vampire-like woman who eats the skin and hearts of her lovers. The film is adapted from the ancient novel "Liaozhai Zhiyi," or "Strange Stories from a Chinese Studio," written by Pu Songling in the Qing Dynasty.

Actresses Zhou Xun and Betty Sun came out to promote the movie at the festival on Sunday. Zhou Xun, the ghost woman in the story, has dozens of costume changes throughout the film. Betty Sun, who challenges Zhou in her role as a swordswoman, takes on a more masculine look in a black hat and coarse cloth.

Betty Sun said she had to practice hard to master the martial arts required by the plot. Zhou Xun was spared the effort, as many special effects were used to show off her witchcraft.

The production crew of "Painted Skin" has bumped the release up to September 28 this year.


Thursday, June 12, 2008

Actress and Environmentalist Zhou Xun

2008-06-10 21:38:58

Internationally acclaimed Chinese actress and singer, Zhou Xun, came to international attention through her roles in Suzhou River in 2000, and Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress in 2002.

But acting and singing are not her only jobs. She's a devoted environmentalist in spare time. And she's currently in Sichuan to work as a volunteer to help the earthquake-affected people there. Our reporter Xiaoyu finds out more.

Zhou Xun Receiving the Post of Chinese National Goodwill Ambassador [photo source:]

This April, Zhou Xun was appointed as the United Nations Development Program's first Chinese National Goodwill Ambassador to promote Chinese environmental sustainability.

When she received a small green potted plant as a gift from the UNDP, Zhou Xun immediately pointed out that they should not use plastic as the cover and took it off.

In her daily life, she also pays great attention to details, such as not using one-off chopsticks or plastic bags. Zhou Xun says that environmental protection should not be compulsory, but a voluntary lifestyle.

"I think everyone can do his or her part for environmental protection. If you always have this idea in mind, it will become part of your life. For example, in many hotels, lights in bathrooms and hallways are kept on all day long, so I turned off the lights after I used the bathroom. And when I went there later, someone had turned the lights back on. This happened again and again, but I cannot stop myself from turning off the lights so that I can save electricity before someone else turns them on."

Based on her personal experience, Zhou Xun has a suggestion for drivers.

"In summer, the car is very hot inside after being parked in the sun, so people usually turn on the air-conditioning for a while before they get in. This is a waste of energy and produces a lot of carbon dioxide. But covering the car with a piece of special reflective board can avoid wasting energy."

Zhou Xun told CRI that if it is not so hot outside, she will turn off the air-conditioning and keep the car windows open. It is romantic in her eyes. But she then added that if the air outside is badly polluted it is not romantic at all. She then calls on everyone to contribute his or her part to environmental protection, then the world would become cleaner, more beautiful and romantic.

Thus a program named "Our Part" has been formed through the joint efforts of Zhou Xun and the UNDP.

Launched on the eve of this year's Earth Day last Thursday, the two-year program aims to leverage Zhou Xun's star power by motivating individuals to take part in the fight against climate change. People are encouraged to adopt simple lifestyle habits such as choosing reusable chopsticks in restaurants or switching to more efficient, energy-saving light bulbs.

The program's name "Our Part" is meant to tell people that small lifestyle changes can collectively make a big difference.

This is an environmental protection tip for "Our Part" recorded by Zhou Xun, which will be broadcast for the next three months on CRI's domestic channel.

Aside from this, she has been featured in cover photos for "Time Out" magazine and has provided environmental protection tips as one of the publication's guest editors.

Making so much effort for the program, how much she should be paid? Zhou Xun reveals the secret.

"One US dollar."

One US dollar. It is her annual salary as the National Goodwill Ambassador of UNDP. The dollar was only a token payment and she took the voluntary job because she feels an obligation to promote environmental protection.

When talking about the nationwide plastic ban, Zhou Xun told CRI that she stopped using plastic bags years ago, and shares the idea of using environmentally-friendly bags with friends. However, she also pointed out that it is not a great idea to produce too many such bags.

"Although using environmentally-friendly bags can avoid white pollution, the process of producing and carrying these bags may also cause other forms of pollution. So I think one environmentally-friendly bag per person is enough. We should find a favorite one and keep using it till it's worn out. You can also share spare bags with friends or family and suggest that they join in this campaign."

In the meantime, Zhou Xun has been busy arranging a relief plan for the victims of the May 12 earthquake in southwest China as a lifetime volunteer of Jet Li's One Foundation.

Last Sunday, she went to Sichuan to see the children there. As it was the Chinese Dragon Boat Festival, she brought the traditional festival food zongzi, the glutinous rice dumpling wrapped in bamboo leaves. She hopes by eating the zongzi made by her mom, the children in the quake-stricken areas can feel the love of all the people who are trying their best to help them.



Quake-Relief Zhou Xun on the Move

Actress-singer Zhou Xun volunteers to rebuild a local farmer's greenhouse on June 9, 2008 in Jiandi Township in Shifang City, one of the worst-hit areas in the May 12 earthquake. Zhou Xun was visiting the area as a volunteer for Jet Li's disaster-relief One Foundation. Her work there also included visiting and playing with children at an elementary school. [Photo:]



Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Zhou Xun grows green moustache to save world

2008-06-11 05:13:52 GMT 2008-06-11 13:13:52 (Beijing Time) China Daily

It's not easy being a celebrity, attending endless receptions and VIP parties, so my recent hometown holiday in Tianjin was just what the doctor ordered. Whenever I return to my roots I head straight to a downtown teashop called the Qing-Cha Bubble Pot, which serves oolong tea and plates of my favorite snacks, "ear-eye" fried rice cakes and "take no notice of the dog" steamed buns. It was here that I made my debut as a cross-talk performer and got into a fight after making jokes about one of the patrons. Generously, the owner does not hold this against me.

Much of the teashop gossip focused on a local lady known as the "Tianjin Mouth", who has upset traditionalists in the cross-talk community by performing naked. I worry that I will have to follow suit, though I am cheered slightly by the fact that television makes one appear bigger. There was also talk about constructing an Aussie Rules football stadium, costing around $1.5 million. Not many people know that Tianjin is twinned with Melbourne, I didn't, but that was the explanation given for building the white elephant. I just can't imagine my homies charging around after a rugby ball shouting "g'day mate, fancy a vegemite sandwich?"

On my return to Beijing I was perusing the newsstands when I spied our nation's sweetheart, Zhou Xun, on the cover of Time Out Beijing, with a leaf glued on to her upper lip. I suspected the actress and singer was promoting some novel kind of moustache-like body adornment for women, or alternatively a natural air purification system. It turned out that she was recently made a UN goodwill ambassador for the environment. The green moustache is still a mystery.

On Saturday night (back in the swing) I went to a champagne and models reception at Hilton's Zeta bar for fashiontv (, which positions itself as the favored portal for fabulous fashionistas. At the party clean-cut foreign fashiontv presenters with strange English accents mixed with skinny models, who got top marks for posing but failed to do much more than wiggle uncomfortably on the dance floor.

One of the party hosts brought me up to date with the latest goings on in celebrity circles. Like the models, it was thin pickings. The only remotely interesting snippet was news that next month 57-year-old billionaire Terry Gou is planning to marry dancer Delia Zeng, 34, after a whirlwind three-month affair. The headlong rush into nuptials has the press speculating that Zeng is pregnant. At an event attended by the couple journalists popped the shotgun marriage question, but Zeng was keeping mum.

Hu Deman, legendary Beijing crosstalker and confidante to China's biggest celebrities, talks to Jules Quartly.



Zhou Xun in town for festival

By Xu Wei | 2008-6-7 |

IN many eyes, mainland actress Zhou Xun possesses genuine charisma, as well as bona fide star power.

Regarded as one of the most promising young film actresses in China, Zhou will return to the city for the upcoming Shanghai International Film Festival, just weeks after she completed one section of the Shanghai leg of the Beijing Olympic torch relay.

"It was a rewarding experience for me to spread and promote the Olympic spirit," Zhou said. "I hope that the torch relay can pass our blessings and care to the earthquake sufferers."

Zhou has donated 100,000 yuan (US$14,443) to help those in need following the earthquake in Sichuan Province.

Just a month ago, the actress was appointed by the United Nations Development Program as its first National Goodwill Ambassador with a special focus on promoting environmental sustainability.

Zhou rose to international fame through her roles in Lou Ye's "Suzhou River" in 2000. Her role in Peter Chan's "Perhaps Love" won her the Best Actress award in the Hong Kong Film Awards.

In late September, Zhou will deliver her brand new portrayal of a female ghost in the Chinese fantasy epic "Painted Skin."



Zhou Xun makes a video for earthquake victims

After holding Olympic torch in Shanghai on May 23, fire of the torch inspired Zhou Xun to make a short video to send reliefs to earthquake victims in Sichuan, in which a candle is transfered from one to the others to show that reliefs never stop.

Actors in the video are Zhou Xun's friends: Danniel Wu, Deng Chao, Sun Li, Zhang Wu Qi, Kwai Lun Mei...Zhou Xun said that when she called to ask them to join an activity for earthquake victims, photograph a video, they immediately agreed without wondering anything. Especially Danniel Wu, although he was busy in America, he received Zhou Xun's invitation. This made her so happy.

This video is sponsored by Sina so Zhou Xun and her friends have their own site to introduce the video. After being broadcast, the video got many people's attention and attracted many other stars to join.

You can watch the video here:

Zhou Xun

Maggie Cheung

Chen Kun

Date: June 06 2008


Monday, June 09, 2008

512 Fund raising campaign

Zhou Xun and many Chinese artists: Hu Jun, Jane Zhang... attended "512 Fund raising campaign" on June 01 2008 to raise fund for earthquake victims.

Below some Jue's pics in the campaign

In the campaign, Zhou Xun and Jane Zhang performed a song. Pls enjoy.

Date: June 01 2008


Sunday, June 08, 2008

Zhou Xun on Chinese magazines

At the end of May and in the beginning of June 2008, Zhou Xun continuously appeared on Chinese magazines. let's enjoy !

"Fashion & Beauty" May 2008

"风度" June 2008



Zhou Xun visits earthquake victims in Sichuan

"Today is Dragon Boat Festival, my mother made 100 dumplings, let me take to you" Zhou Xun said in the visit to Chengdu, capital of Sichuan on June 08.

Yesterday (aka June 08 2008), Zhou Xun went to Sichuan from Beijing by plane. Did know her schedule, many reporters had waited for her at the airport. Wearing glasses, didn't made up, Zhou Xun looked like a normal passenger. Around her there were not any bodyguard as well as fans. She politely said to reporters: "it is unfair to you, but this time I really don't want to trouble more people. So no interview please".

The first Jue's destination in Sichuan was a hospital in Shenfang where mothers and their babies received care. Because this hospital was made by awning, the temperature was over 30 degrees Celsius at 2 p.m although many fans were used. Zhou Xun went to ask a mother lying there: "you feel very not now?". The mother saw Xun's excitement, just shook her head. She also visited babies and wished them gain weight quickly. Seeing their lovely faces, she couldn't stop her tears.

After that, at 5.30 p.m, Zhou Zun came to see a school of 130 students in Shenfang. A staff of the volunteer team carried many gifts, biscuits, basketballs, books and Zhou Xun carried a big bag of clothes. All were for children here. In the classroom in awning, she said: "I know today is Dragon Boat Festival, my mother made 100 dumplings, let me take to you, hopefully, your festival has a lot of joy". She gave these dumplings to children. Some of them were shy, then she chatted with them, even helped them peel dumplings carefully. When hearing them sang "Hearts feel to be grateful", she shed her tears.

Date: June 09 2008
Source (in Chinese):
E-trans: Mylove @


Zhou Xun---The Most Successful Woman in 2008

2008-06-06 11:02:52

Chinese mainland actress Zhou Xun is named "Jessica's Most Successful Woman of 2008" in Hong Kong on Thursday, June 5, 2008. [Photo:]

Zhou Xun, the versatile Chinese mainland entertainer, has been awarded the title "Jessica's Most Successful Woman of 2008" at an awards ceremony held by the fashion magazine "Jessica" on Thursday in Hong Kong.

During an interview, Zhou Xun revealed the essential qualities of a successful woman. She says her role model is a woman who dedicated more than 20 years of her life to environmental protection. Zhou Xun herself has been named UNDP Goodwill Ambassador. During her term as ambassador she will focus on promoting a sustainable environment.

The actress says she will first fly back to Beijing for communication skills training from a physiological instructor. And then the next day she will fly to the earthquake-hit area in Sichuan Province to celebrate Dragon Boat Festival with the people living in shelters.


Sunday, June 01, 2008

Actress Promotes Environmental Protection

2008-05-31 21:21:24

Chinese actress Zhou Xun has been busy promoting environmental protection since she was chosen as a UN goodwill ambassador in April.

The newspaper Shanghai Morning Post reported on Saturday that Zhou has become an official of the United Nations and will receive a symbolic annual salary of one U.S. dollar.

Zhou said the dollar was only a token payment and that she took the voluntary job because of an obligation to promote environmental protection.

Besides recording environmental protection information for radio programs, Zhou has been featured in cover photos for "Time Out" magazine and has provided environmental protection tips as one of the publication's guest editors.

In the meantime, she has been busy arranging a relief plan for the victims of the May 12 earthquake in southwest China.

The United Nations Development Program appointed Zhou as a goodwill ambassador on April 22 at a charity gala in Beijing to commemorate World Earth Day.


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