Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Zhou Xun makes a donation to help unlucky people in the earthquake area

After an earthquake measuring 9.5 in the richter scale on May 12th in Sichuan province, China, over 10.000 people died, China Red Cross Society and Sohu lauched an aid program, which announced a account number and hot line to receive donations. This program received many celebrities's agreement: Zhang Zi yi, Zhou Xun, Zhao Wei, Fan Bing Bing, Chen Kin, Huang Xiao Ming, Jay Zhou....

In the intervie of Sohu then, Zhou Xun said that: "Chen Kun and I are close friends. He is a Sichuan person, his family lives in Sichuan. So after hearing news of earthquake on May 12th, I sent him a message, but nothing returned, so I worried about him very much. On May 13th, I called him and knew that his family was safe. We decied to make donations together to help unlucky people. Because I was busy in the afternoon, couldn't join the ceremony of China Red Corss Society. But I knew that many stars like Zhao Wei, Zhang Zi Yi had actual actions to help families in earthquake area to rebuild their houses. Hopefully, all friends are safe"

Beside relatives and friends, Zhou Xun cares about children in a primary school in remote area in Sichuan: "In 2006 I attended a television program in which I had an opportunity to become a teacher in a primary school in Sichuan for 3 days. I played with children and taught them how to write. At that time there was only one teacher, also a student in school. He helped me prepare lesson. I really felt anxious althought nobody knew who I am. After that I visited children's familes and subsidized some of them. Now they often send letters to me. After this earthquake, I make a phone call to school and knew that they all were dafe, houses were not affected. Maybe teachers will teach children how to face earthquakes".

In Sohu's aid program, Zhou Xun made a donation of 100,000 Yuan.

Date: May 13 2008
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