Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Zhou Xun at the party of Chivas in Shanghai

March 7, 2008 Zhou Xun any many stars form Mainland, Hong Kong...attended the 25th anniversary party of a famous international brand, Chivas, in Shanghai.

Although there were a lot of bodyguards along the red carpet, the majority of stars went in hurry, parried reporters' questions. Zhou Xun was different from the others, looked so charming in black white dress, received short interviews and gave fans her signature. Her mood was so good that every one wondered if her wedding date was coming up. Regarding this, she just smiled and said "our love is so good".

About the movie directed by Hark Tsui, Zhou Xun said that filming would be until April, three actresses' relationship were fine and Da Qi was busy then. It was reported Da Qi joins this movie as an art director.


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