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"Women aren't bad" - scene of a wedding

March 09, 2008, director Hark Tsui, Zhou Xun, Zhang Wu Yi and Alex Fong appeared at a church in Beijing to shoot a scene of wedding. This was the first time the media could see behind the scene.

In the early morning, many reporters went to the place of shooting. Everything here was like in a folk tale. Inside of the church, staffs were decorating for a wedding, red rug was ready and rows of white chairs were full of roses.

In this wedding, groom Alex Fong attracted everyone's attention by black suit and especially a beard. Fong joked that he grew a beard like this in order to imitate director Hark Tsui, because at first his role was for the director whom was so busy and he was invited then. This made him take care of the beard carefully everyday.

Two leading actress that day looked different from them last evening, at the party of Women's day. Zhou Xun expressed gentle in white coat and purple high heel while Zhang Wu Yi looked magnificent. Zhou Xun said that her hair style was changed daily, sometimes become so short, she felt interesting. For Wu Yi, it is wonderful to wear many costumes. Maybe fashion will be a weapon which get female audiences ' attention to the movie.

Director Hark Tsui's appearance doesn't change so much like his actors but his script does. After finishing shooting at the end of the day, having time and inspiration, he changes something in the script. How nervous actors were because of this, Wu Yi as an example. She was often in pressure and sometimes didn't know how to do. Zhou Xun herself had more experiences in cooperating with Hong Kong directors so she was familiar with this. "Don't pay too much attention to old script which will be changed for sure" Zhou Xun disclosed.

Enjoy clip on youtube:



Flowers for Hark Tsui from "Women aren't bad"

March 08, 2008, "Women are not bad" held a party in occasion of Women's day. Director Hark Tsui, actress Zhou Xun, Gui Lun Mei and Zhang Yu Yi joined the party. Three beautiful women received roses as presents but at the end of the party, they all gave to the director.

Have you ever seen Zhou Xun as a prestidigitator. Pls enjoy her show now.

Clip on youtube:

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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Painted Skin Posters

In Hong Kong international Film Featival, the movie Painted Skin first introduced posters of Zhou Xun and Donnie Yen and a short clip as well.

The short clip shown Zhou Xun's characters took off fox skin to become a beautiful woman. The clip was so impressed and gave moviegoers special feeling.

It was reported Painted Skin will be previewed in Cannes Film Festival in May and then shown widely.



Zhou Xun at the party of Chivas in Shanghai

March 7, 2008 Zhou Xun any many stars form Mainland, Hong Kong...attended the 25th anniversary party of a famous international brand, Chivas, in Shanghai.

Although there were a lot of bodyguards along the red carpet, the majority of stars went in hurry, parried reporters' questions. Zhou Xun was different from the others, looked so charming in black white dress, received short interviews and gave fans her signature. Her mood was so good that every one wondered if her wedding date was coming up. Regarding this, she just smiled and said "our love is so good".

About the movie directed by Hark Tsui, Zhou Xun said that filming would be until April, three actresses' relationship were fine and Da Qi was busy then. It was reported Da Qi joins this movie as an art director.



Tops Forbes Chinese Celeb Rankings 2007

Forbes, which has been producing annual Chinese mainland celebrity rankings since 2004, released its latest list on Tuesday amid stars' skepticism and the public's anticipation.

Like in the previous year, NBA star Yao Ming topped the new list of 100 celebrities with the most frequent media exposure and a pre-tax yearly income of 387 million yuan (US$54.5 million), also the highest among all.

Olympic champion hurdler Liu Xiang followed Yao Ming closely like last year. Rising basketball player Yi Jianlian, ranked No. 4, is the only other sports star on the top 10.

Martial-arts superstar Jet Li, who failed to enter the top 100 last year, soared to No. 3 with the reason given by Forbes that the kung-fu king has had three new films since the last ranking ("The Warlords," "The Forbidden Kingdom," and "The Mummy 3"), and his heartfelt devotion to charity work (Jet Li runs the disaster-relief One Foundation) also added to his score.

Hollywood-bound actress Zhang Ziyi leads the female front-runners. She will have two films opening soon this year, including her new Hollywood effort "The Horsemen" and Chinese director Chen Kaige's biopic of Peking opera master Mei Lanfang. Her high-profile romance with multimillionaire Vivi Nevo also contributed to her high media expose.

Following Zhang Ziyi on the list are actresses Fan Bingbing, Vicki Zhao Wei, Zhou Xun and Li Bingbing, all among the most active contributors to the Chinese entertainment industry.

Zhao Benshan, one of the country's most prominent comedians, wrapped up the top 10 for his efforts in perpetuating the northeastern Chinese folk culture Er Ren Zhuan, Forbes says.

Every year the list features some up-and-coming new stars and this year they included Zhang Hanyu (96th), lead actor in Feng Xiaogang's sold-out blockbuster film "The Assembly," and grass-roots actor Wang Baoqiang (38th), whose humble character in the extremely popular army telenovela "Soldier Sortie" has become everyone's latest favorite. Wang Baoqiang said via his agent that he was invigorated by the Forbes mentioning.

Yet skepticism exists for other stars, as they either claimed that their incomes listed by Forbes were far too exaggerated or refused to offer any comments.

While most of the public view the annual list as a source for chitchat topics, Yang Linran, who led the list production, admitted the income part relied largely on estimation but the list as a whole is a comprehensive one reflecting the stars' social influences. The rankings are set to serve as a reference for endorser-seeking businesses, Yang added



Zhou Xun protects Environment with UNDP

Actress-singer Zhou Xun, seen in a file photo, has joined forces with the United Nations Development Programme to launch a campaign raising environmental awareness. [File Photo:]

Chinese entertainer Zhou Xun has joined forces with the United Nations Development Programme to launch a campaign raising environmental awareness.

Zhou Xun, who has three film projects on her schedule, told the Shanghai Morning Post on Wednesday that promoting the new campaign would be a major job for her this year. She is set to travel around China to participate in UNDP-organized activities.

A Chinese UNDP representative told the newspaper that the organization thinks Zhou Xun has a squeaky-clean and positive public image which will help get more people involved in the program.

The campaign is looking for official name and logo ideas through the Web site (



Tuesday, March 04, 2008

UNDP and Zhou Xun Team Up for an Environmental Campaign

UNDP and Zhou Xun Team Up for an Environmental Campaign to Promote Sustainable Lifestyle in China BEIJING, March 5 /Xinhua-PRNewswire/ -- United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and Zhou Xun, a top Chinese actress, are teaming up in an environmental campaign to raise awareness on environmental challenges among the general public, while advocating for lifestyle changes to tackle climate change. Today marks the launch of an online competition to produce the official name and logo for this endeavor. The competition, hosted by ( ), will allow the general public to help create the innovative image of the green campaign, a joint effort combining UNDP’s international expertise and influence in environmental protection while leveraging Zhou Xun’s star power to make the general public, especially urban youth, aware of the global climate crisis. The campaign will focus on every-day solutions that empower anyone to help turn the tide on global warming. Zhou Xun, the voice of the campaign and a top Chinese celebrity, is committed to helping promote a sustainable lifestyle and mobilize public interest. "The environment is a really popular issue right now and most people know about global warming, but are simply reluctant to change their lifestyle habits," Zhou Xun said. "So I hope this campaign does more than raise awareness - I hope it actually convinces people to act. That’s why I want to send a message that is hip and stylish but also sincere and impactful. Also, our green tips need to be simple and straightforward enough so that anyone and everyone can practice them. So the question is not, ‘Do you know about global warming?’ It’s ‘What are you going to do about global warming?’ That’s the real challenge." "Globally, UNDP uses its local knowledge, network of partners, and experience and expertise on climate change to help millions of people gain a better understanding of the gravity of the issue and help them deal with it and keep it from getting worse," said Subinay Nandy, UNDP Country Director in China. "In China, UNDP helps increase energy efficiency in industry, promotes use of renewable energy, and fosters local capacities to adapt to impacts of climate change on food and water security, glacial melting and natural disasters." "This is, however, the first time that UNDP is to work with a Chinese artist and celebrity as a means to connect to young people and urge them to take individual actions to help tackle global warming. Zhou Xun brings a genuine charisma, as well as bona fide star power. We are very excited to have her on board, and we know that her credibility and commitment to environmental sustainability will help us reach more people and achieve higher levels of success," Nandy added. The online logo and name competitions will last for one month until 4 April. Fifteen participant prizes, five honorable mention prizes, and one first place prize will be awarded in each of the two competition categories. All winners will receive a thank you letter signed by Zhou Xun and UNDP and limited edition gifts designed by Zhou Xun. The first-place winners will also have chance to attend a press conference to kick off the green campaign and meet Zhou Xun personally. The selected name and logo will also be unveiled during the event. Participants are asked to submit works that embody the spirit and theme of a proactive green campaign that advocates sustainable living while keeping in line with Zhou Xun’s public image as a fashionable, sincere, and hip Chinese celebrity. For further details on the competition, please go to: About Zhou Xun: Zhou Xun is an award-winning actress, singer, and fashion icon. Notable film roles include SUZHOU RIVER (1998): Best Actress, 15th Paris Film Festival; PERHAPS LOVE (2005): Best Actress, Hong Kong Film Critic’s Society Awards, 25th Hong Kong Film Awards, 13th Beijing University Student Film Festival, Golden Bauhinia Awards, 43rd Golden Horse Awards; THE BANQUET (2005): Best Supporting Actress, 26th Hong Kong Film Awards, 12th Golden Bauhinia Awards, and others. Aside from acting, her other passion is charity work. She is the sponsor of several students at Dazu Primary School in Hulugu Lake, Sichuan Province. She is also an enthusiastic supporter of the Beijing Sun Village Center for Special Needs Children, a home for abandoned children of prisoners. Zhou Xun is one of the first lifetime members of the Jet Li One Foundation, which focuses on natural disaster relief and adolescent mental illness. About UNDP: UNDP fosters human development to empower women and men to build better lives in China. As the UN’s development network, UNDP draws on a world of experience to assist China in developing its own solutions to the country’s development challenges. Through partnerships and innovation, UNDP works to achieve the Millennium Development Goals and an equitable Xiao Kang society by reducing poverty, strengthening the rule of law, promoting environmental sustainability, and fighting HIV/AIDS.


Jue attended Sohu's 10th anniversary celebration

2008 is a significant year for China with so many exiting events yet to come. The busy awards season has begun since the coming of the New Year. Famous online portal also joined in to award their best of the year in the country's film industry together with the company's tenth anniversary celebrations.
Nearly a hundred film stars and prominent directors from the Chinese mainland and Hong Kong showed up in's tenth anniversary celebration gala held Thursday on February 28, 2008.


Sunday, March 02, 2008

Screen personas for [Painted Skin]

Source: Youth Daily
8 Jan 2008

Mega movie [Painted Skin] is currently undergoing filming in Hengdian. Recently, we visited the filming site, and saw the screen personas of Chen Kun, Zhou Xun, Zhao Wei and Donnie Yen. In the movie, Chen Kun’s character is a famous general, while Zhou Xun’s portrayal of the female ghost oozes eeriness. During filming, Donnie Yen nearly injured himself.

Zhao Wei: Hairstyle shows the grace of a lady
Because of the filming, Han Street in Hengdian tourist spot remained closed. Stars like Donnie Yen, Zhou Xun, Zhao Wei, Chen Kun and Sun Li have been participating in the filming, and as the story evolves around ghosts, night scenes featured heavily in the movie.

On 4 January noon, we reached the filming site, and found that all entrances to the site were closed. Production crew needed to display their passes before they were allowed entry. Originally, there was a footpath on the northeastern part of the Han Street castle, where tourists could walk up and admire the scenery at the top of the castle. The production team had also blocked the footpath by wooden planks. At one glance, one could see that filming was earnestly underway in the castle.

We could see many people milling around the site, and they seemed to be extras for the city street filming. About half an hour later, actual filming commenced. We saw Zhao Wei decked in her screen attire, which was a white overcoat, and she was having a very dated hairstyle, with her hair bundled up. The image was that of a graceful lady, and it was very different from her role of Sun Shangxiang in another epic movie [Red Cliff]. Standing beside her was a man decked in general attire. After the director shouted, “Cut!”, the ‘general’ turned back, and we realized that the actor was not Donnie Yen, but Chen Kun.

Zhou Xun: White robe with black view oozes eeriness
At this moment, a female actress dressed in a white robe with a black headdress walked towards the filming site. At close glance, we found out that she was Zhou Xun. She had a focused expression on her face, as if she was concentrating on what she needed to do for her next act. This ‘female ghost’ has indeed brought creepiness to the scene.

On the second night, we ventured to Han Street again. Perhaps the tourist city was closed to tourist visitors, we saw that the previously boarded doors were open. We stepped into the filming site again, and saw that the crew was mingling at nearby buildings, meant to be inns and monasteries. The exterior of the buildings were painted a deep beige colour, and it felt specially creepy at night.

We crossed over to the back door of the monastery, and were nearly frightened by the scene that greeted us. There were two large portraits, a bronze mirror and some makeup items. So this was here Zhou Xun stayed to ‘paint her skin’ to transform herself into a beautiful lady.

Highlight – Donnie Yen escapes from possible injury during filming
That night, the team was supposed to film a scene of Swordsman Donnie Yen. This scene was supposed to be filmed on the rooftop of the second level of the inn. However, we saw Donnie sitting by the director all the while, while two artistes were ‘flying’ all over the rooftop. It appeared that one of the artistes was his double. The other person had a fierce and sinister looking expression, and should be Donnie’s screen enemy. The entire site was alight by the projector lights, and there were several film records held up by cranes, which zoomed here and there as the artistes moved.

Donnie was chatting animatedly with some makeup artistes. We learnt that he nearly had an accident during filming two days ago. At that time, he was also supposed to film a night scene at height. At the last moment, Donnie felt unwell, and decided to let his double do the stunts. His instincts proved accurate, when the double accidentally fell to the ground. Donnie was pretty shaken up by the incident.

Related News

The might of Zhou Xun’s female ghost will be enhanced during post production
The story [Painted Skin] has been modified several times, but he main focus was still that of a weak scholar’s encounter with a vicious female ghost. However, it appeared that the latest version had more changes.

In the original story, Chen Kun’s character is that of a weak scholar with a fondness for females, and needed the protection of priests. After the female ghost killed him, he needed his wife to resurrect him. However, in the movie version, Chen Kun’s character is a strong general. In fact, he would have several horse riding and fighting scenes. It is anyone’s guess as to how the story would develop further.

A few days ago, Zhou Xun, Zhou Wei and Sun Li had filmed a scene at the temple. In the movie, Sun Li is Zhao Wei’s good friend, while Zhou Xun also has a close relationship with the duo. We also learnt that Sun Li’s character is a good friend of Donnie Yen, and she is a swordswoman with brilliant martial arts skills. Sun has already done some of the stunts herself. Although Zhou Xun did not need to display any fighting skills, she was required to display the aggressiveness and terror of a lady ghost, and her might would be enhanced during post-production.

Filming for [Painted Skin] is expected to complete filming by end of February 2008


Filming for [Painted Skin] commences in Hengdian

Source: Shanghai Youth Paper
26 Dec 2007

Costing a budget of RMB$1.2 million and amassing big-name artistes like Zhou Xun, Zhao Wei, Chen Kun, Donnie Yen and Sun Li, movie [Painted Skin] is indeed the talk of the town. Today, after the Christmas holidays, various stars like Zhao Wei (attending activity in Guangzhou), Zhou Xun (attending an endorsement activity in Hong Kong) and Sun Li (attending charity activity in Nanjing), have all returned to Hengdian. We managed to have a sneak preview of the [Painted Skin] filming venue, to disclose all the important scenes.

[Love Scenes] – Donnie secretly in love with Zhao Wei

The story of [Painted Skin] is taken from the ghost series “Liao Zhai”, and was first brought to the silver screen in 1965 in Hongkong.

In this latest version, the storyline has been turned upside down – love has replaced horror as the main theme. Chen Kun stars as “Wang Ersheng”, and is the younger brother of Donnie Yen (Wang Erlang). Zhao Wei is “Chen Yiqing”, the wife of Ersheng. We understood from the production crew that the original love triangle between Chen, Zhao and Zhou Xun has been expanded to include big brother Donnie. In the movie, Donnie is secretly in love with his sister-in-law Zhao Wei. And as Zhao despairs over her husband Chen Kun’s fascination over another lady (Zhou Xun), big brother Donnie provides much needed encouragement and consolation. However, Donnie was also tortured, as he was bound by the societal boundaries. The only person who understood this messy love entanglement is swordslady Sun Li.

There has been much speculation as to whether Zhou Xun or Zhao Wei should be considered the main female lead of [Painted Skin]. Again, we understood from the crew that both actresses could be considered of equal status. This is another difference from the previous version, when the ghost (Zhou Xun’s character) was the main focus. In this new version, the emotions and thoughts of Chen Yiqing (Zhao Wei) was focused on, to extol the virtues of a traditional Chinese woman. And the lady ghost was portrayed as the ‘third party’ of the marriage.

Main filming site – [The Promise] castle turns into Peach Blossom Island

[Painted Skin] has pitched its main production equipment on Han Street in Hengdian, which coincidentally was also the place where movie [The Promise] was filmed. In fact, a portion of the filming venue was sealed off and promoted to tourists as “The Promise Filming City”. When we walked into the “The Promise Filming City”, we were greeted by rows of peach blossom trees. It was apparent that these trees were newly planted, and it was indeed a lovely sight – the castle of [The Promise] has turned into a ‘peach blossom island’. In fact, the production crew told us that the peach blossom trees were the most expensive investment of the team so far.

One of the doors pasted a notice “[Painted Skin] production in progress. Please do not enter. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.” When we pushed open the door, we saw a beautiful courtyard, completed with west wing, south wing and also gardens. And one thing that struck us most was that the ground was filled with thick ‘snow’, and a huge snow-generating machine was left at one side. We learnt that the crew had just filmed a snowy scene the night before, and there would still be more snow scenes to film later.

As we entered the main wing, we saw several antique candle-stands and curtains. The wooden stairs creaked as we stepped on them, creating a tense and horror-hinted atmosphere. There was also a half-completed embroidered piece of lotus flower, which we understood was one of tools for Zhao Wei. However, Zhao Wei need not learn embroidery specially for this movie; all she needed to do was just position her hands and needle correctly during filming. This courtyard was the main filming site for the movie, and it was not big or grand. Apparently, the bulk of production budget of RMB$1.2 million went mainly to the artistes.


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