Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Donnie Yen is full of praise for Zhou Xun's acting

After 2 1/2 months of filming, Painted Skin has wrapped up production on February 3. Post-production will start with making a rough edit before dubbing is done, while special effects will take 4 months to create. The scenes involve Zhao Wei, Zhou Xun and Chen Kun are primarily drama while those involving Donnie Yen, Sun Li, and Qi Yi Wu, who's playing a villainous lizard spirit, contain a fair bit of action.

As an award-winning action director, Donnie Yen, being fully aware that having come thus far in martial arts choreography, it'll be very hard to make further breakthrough within a short time, hopes to portray a character that is different, to develop himself as an actor. However, he has not been given much chance in this area. Thus, Donnie Yen is very grateful to director Gordon Chan for giving him such an opportunity, frequently communicating with him, digging out his potential in acting. Donnie Yen also has a wonderful time working with his costars, saying that he has learned many things from them. He's full of praise for Zhou Xun's acting and has forged a close bond with Chen Kun.

Credit: wu-jing.org

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