Thursday, February 21, 2008

Zhou Xun in Painted Skin

Please enjoy some Jue's pictures in her new movie "Painted Skin". Click the photo to see original size.



Monday, February 18, 2008

Zhou Xun took a visit to the sun village

After finishing to shoot in the movie "Painted Skin" and returning to Beijing from Hangzhou, Zhou Xun immediately took a visit to the sun village on December 29th (Lunar)

Zhou Xun and a group of five people went by car over 100 km to the sun village in Beijing. They brought a lot of gifts which were put on four big boxes. Zhou Xun and the staffs of the village shared happiness with children when they together enjoyed Kentucky Fried Chicken.

In every new Lunar year Zhou Xun spends time on visiting children in the sun village, gives them gifts and blessing. Mrs Zhang who is responsible for the village said that Zhou Xun is a woman of great of compassion. Because of her, many people pay attention to their village. For special children here Zhou Xun is a beautiful elder sister. Whenever hearing that she will come to see the village, children are eager to prepare small gifts and hand-mad cards for her.

It was reported Zhou Zun often welcomes new lunar year with her family in Beijing. After this Spring Festival, she will be busy with the new movie directed by Hark Tsui "Women are not bad"



Sunday, February 17, 2008

Zhou Xun plows snow in Hangzhou

On February 01 when Zhou Xun finished shooting the movie "Painted Skin", we prepared to returned to Beijing from film studio Hendian, Hangzhou. Unluckily, we encountered heavy snow, the airport was closed so we had to stay in Hangzhou.

On February 02, in the early morning, opening the window, we saw that it was snowing heavily. Turning on television, all channels took reports about the damages of snow storm. Thinking of up coming Spring Festival, we wondered how many people couldn't go home on these special holidays.
At 3 p.m, snow finally stopped. Through a special program, we knew that every department in Hangzhou paid all attention to sweeping snow away and protecting trees.

Xiao Xun suggested that we should go down street and sweep snow but we had some different opinions. We worried that as a famous person, if Xiao Zhou appeared in the street now, there would be surrounds but she gave proposition ignoring that.

After dinner, there were some Hangzhou people, polices and soldiers together plowing snow on Xihu river's branch. Xiao Xun thought that if they didn't sweep snow just because of 2 reasons: lazy and lacking of sincere and finally she persuaded us to join this public activity.

Snow was very thick. It took us a while to sweep 10-ten-meter raod and they worked more and more zealously. Xiao Xun excited said that :"For me, two days stranded in Hangzhou were really happy and the most significant time". We also had the same deep feeling.

After more than one hour, a snow-plough came. All of us were surprised at its power. Xiao Xun bought hot drink and food from near store. We helped her to work all night together with the big machine. We also took a photo with a spouse in the near street. Maybe all people worked hard and it was dark so nobody recognized Xiao Xun. Perhaps plowing snow was an exercises that made us very hungry at night and ready to take a midnight snack. As a result, coming back hotel, we couldn't sleep.

On February 03, there was not any flight. Luckily, in the same evening, Hangzhou report reopened, we finally returned to Beijing. Then Xiao Xun sent a telegram to Brother Hua Yi to contribute 10,000 Yuan to help reduce snow disaster.



Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Donnie Yen is full of praise for Zhou Xun's acting

After 2 1/2 months of filming, Painted Skin has wrapped up production on February 3. Post-production will start with making a rough edit before dubbing is done, while special effects will take 4 months to create. The scenes involve Zhao Wei, Zhou Xun and Chen Kun are primarily drama while those involving Donnie Yen, Sun Li, and Qi Yi Wu, who's playing a villainous lizard spirit, contain a fair bit of action.

As an award-winning action director, Donnie Yen, being fully aware that having come thus far in martial arts choreography, it'll be very hard to make further breakthrough within a short time, hopes to portray a character that is different, to develop himself as an actor. However, he has not been given much chance in this area. Thus, Donnie Yen is very grateful to director Gordon Chan for giving him such an opportunity, frequently communicating with him, digging out his potential in acting. Donnie Yen also has a wonderful time working with his costars, saying that he has learned many things from them. He's full of praise for Zhou Xun's acting and has forged a close bond with Chen Kun.



Sunday, February 03, 2008

Painted Skin: The plot has been revealed

Painted Skin is wrapping up on Feb 2 or so and the production is currently spending two weeks to shoot the finale. Sun Li's role, as well as more of the plot, has been revealed. She comes from a family of exorcists and it's her onus to get rid of the fox vixen Zhou Xun. However, she's a bumbling neophyte with mediocre skills and nobody believes a word when she says that there is a fox spirit for she lacks concrete evidence, even though she has a demon detector. Sun Li also provides comic relief. While she carries an arsenal of talismans and magical devices with her all the time, finding the right item at the right time to deal with demons is a challenge.

The plot appears to be slightly different from what was previously said. Sun Li's grandfather was killed by fox spirit Zhou Xun. And she has been tracking her down in order to seek revenge. She finds out that Zhou Xun has been bewitching general Chen Kun. While warrior Donnie Yen, who's been carrying a torch for Chen Kun's wife Vicky Zhao, doesn't believe in demons, he still helps Sun Li deal with Zhou Xun. Gradually, Sun Li develops feelings for Donnie Yen. However, they later make an even more shocking discovery...

Being a non-martial artist, Sun Li's in a whirl when it comes to action scenes. She's uncertain of how to execute the moves, and to connect the moves with the expression in her eyes and on her face. She's glad to have Donnie Yen guiding her, "He would help me design what kind of reaction I should have after finishing a move, my gestures in between two moves, and ensure that what I do won't get cut away by the director."

Donnie Yen says that his character in Painted Skin not only fights well, but he's given ample space relating to drama. He would ponder over how his character gesticulates, in order to better demonstrate his personality and status. He believes the audience would see a different Donnie Yen in this film.

Once, Donnie Yen had a close shave when filming a wirework scene in which he saves a damsel in distress on a rooftop at the height of 4m. Donnie Yen felt something was amiss and signalled to the director to ensure that everything was in order. Meanwhile, a stunt double went up to try it out for Donnie Yen. When he was mid-air, the wire snapped and he dropped onto the ground, missing the mattress, and broke his knee. It shocked everyone on the set and the stunt double was rushed to the hospital. Donnie Yen mumbled repeatedly, "Wirework is too risky. Too risky" The accident sends chills down his spine. He says that when doing wirework, one won't know when anything would happen. It's very scary. In the past few years, whenever he's the action director, he would try his best to avoid the use of wires in his pursuit of realism.



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