Thursday, December 06, 2007

Zhou Xun plays as an evil spirit in Painted Skin

In the first official press conference on Dec 4th in Beijing, the team of the movie Painted Skin didn't disclose any detail about characters, plot and which actors perform what roles. On that day in the evening reporters went to Donnie Yen's room to interview him.

Xiao Xun and Donnie Yen in the press conference

Donnie Yen said that comparing with old version, the new one has more important characters in which he plays Gong Wu, Chen Kun as Gong Wen, Zhao Wei as Gong Wen's wife, Zhou Xun as an evil spirit, Sun Li as other evil spirit. As Qi Yuwu said in his blog, he will play a villain. And one more difference is the relationship among characters, Gong Wu and Gong are good sworn brothers not whole brothers in the previous version. However, in general, the new one has some new things but is not absolutely different from the old one.

It was reported after the press conference the team is working at Hendien, Jie Jang.


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