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Zhou Xun - A 30-year-old girl

Seeing Zhou Xun just one time, you can feel she is special person who has many inconsistencies, gentle and naive as a girl but her heart is full of love as a woman.
Form the little princess in "Palace Desire" to Qing Nu in "the Banquet", from a student to movie Queen, step by step, Zhou Xun shows her talent, becomes one of the best Chinese actress.

Although being busy with filming movie "Painted Skin" which has many stars' join: Zhao Wei, Chen Kun, Donnie Yen, Sun Li..., Zhou Xun spent time for her fans who voted for her as cover girl on Sohu, one of the most famous e-magazine in China. She shared her thought about love, career, now and future.

1. Love and career
- Q1: Zhou Xun, you said that you can sacrifice your career for family even when the career is at the top of the hill or developing?
- Zhou Xun: Between family and career, if I must choose one, family is my selection for sure because how long a person's career lasts?
However, I am sure that I never face such difficult selection because Da Qi know what I like and doesn't order me to do what I don't want.
Coming across Da Qi is my big luck and happiness. He doesn't only support me in work but also take care of my appearance, help me become more beautiful. If one day, I give up acting career, that is my my volunteer, not Da Qi's order.

- Q2: Many rumors spread that Da Qi and you got married. What is the truth?
- Zhou Xun: I answered this question four years ago and now it is unchanged. In fact, not only I but also other artists must face such rumors.

- Q3: Actor often lack of freedom. Have you ever wished you had a life as a normal person?
- Zhou Xun: No, because performing gave me many things. I am really happy when getting achievements in my favorite work. Life is fair and artists' lives are the same all over the world. I am familiar with these.

- Q4: Is there any difference between your love and other women's?
- Zhou Xun: Nothing is different. Whoever you are, you always want to be close to your lover, both can together travel to many places and take care of future.

- Q5: Now many female artists become mothers. Do you have any plan?
- Zhou Xun: I don't have such plan. I myself really admire Qin Qin and Zhang Ba Zhi who have babies. When i was at the age of 20s, I wanted to have baby. However, now, after getting many experiences, I understand that baby is parents' big responsibility. I may not be a mature woman but this thought willl be changed in next few years. Life gives you many opportunities, and choosing a suitable way is the most important thing. Perfect life doesn't mean you must have baby. For a lot of people, this is traditional thought but for me, it is better to do that in next few years.

2. Obtainment and loss
- Q1: What is the biggest difference between movie and life?
- Zhou Xun: Movie has logic but doesn't life have. Life is so changeable that i you cannot imagine.

Q2: Life doesn't have logic but needs plans?
Zhou Xun: Life doesn't have logic but people can hold their destiny. I am lazy in making plans and don't like these. Life is wonderful and gives us many miracles. What must we schedule for?

Q3: Sometimes if you don't have plan, you will lose something?
Zhou Xun: Regretting lost things is meaningless. It is better to lean how to face present problems

Q4: You are telling deep philosophy?
Zhou Xun: I am 30 years old, don't dare to tell deep philosophy, just want to share my thought with you. I think all problems have their own reasons, due to what you choose and how you do. Always trying your best, you will feel free and happy. I got experience that if I worry too much about something, they will not be similar to what I wish.

Q5: What is the biggest happiness in our life?
Zhou Xun: In my opinion, there are a lot of periods in our life, and we taste different happiness in different periods. Thus, I don't want to define what is the biggest happiness.

3. Now and future
Q1: Ten years ago, Zhao Wei, Yi Zi, Xu Jinglei and youwere known as "four flowers" in Chinese cinema. Now all of you got a lot of success and become "four big stars". What do you think about yourself and this progress?
Zhou Xun: As I mentioned above, I am sometimes like a child so please don't compare me with big things. I am myself and go on my private way.

Q2: Your influence in the society if getting wider and wider and you joined many charitable activities.
Zhou Xun: People often think of attending charitable activities when they come to one period of life. I see many poor children so I should do something. As an actress, hopefully, my influence is useful in doing charity and promote people to join these activities. As a citizen in society, these are my responsibility.

Q3: Charitable activities and acting career, which one give you more achievement?
Zhou Xun: you shouldn't compare like that. Both need honesty and heartiness.

Q4: Until now, do you feel any change?
Zhou Xun: more mature, having more experiences but passion of acting is always unchanged.

"Respecting all the awards I received but my biggest success is I become quieter, know how to face difficulties and overcome myself"

Translated by Mylove

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