Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Painted Skin in the Making

Filming has begun on "Painted Skin" (Hua Pi), an adaptation of the ancient Chinese supernatural novella of the same name, a press conference announced on Tuesday.

Director Gordon Chan has rallied six stars for the half-female, half-male cast, who are: mainland actresses Sun Li, Vicki Zhao Wei and Zhou Xun, mainland heartthrob Chen Kun, Hong Kong action star Donnie Yen, and Singaporean actor Qi Yuwu.

As the gang arrived on the scene wearing masks, the press conference began with a who's-who guessing game, and went on in such a playful way as to give away few details of the characters.

Producers said "Painted Skin" would debut as an action thriller rich in special effects, but they stopped short of revealing the plot, hoping a little ambiguity would last until the film's wrap party.

The film reportedly has a budget of US$10 million, with distributors already lined up in China and South-East Asia.

Source: crienglish.com

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