Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Zhou Xun promotes her 140 photos collection on Harper's Bazaar

On Nov 11th, Zhou Xun appeared in a shopping center in Beijing to promotes the special edition of Harper's Bazaar, in which there is an album of 140 Xun's photos. This issue is published on the occasion of 140th anniversary. Although the weather was cold, many fans, even a 70 year-old woman, came to support to her.

In the ceremony, Zhou Xun said that the first step to prepare for this album is simple, just using camera to take normal images. After one year, the difficulty is selecting 140 photos among over 1000 ones. Finally everything has been gone well. This is an unique album.

In the middle pf the album, people can enjoy some photos of Zhou Xun and Da Qi. Xun herself feels happy to share private perfect moment with fans.

One of the most popular recent questions is about her near future plan, her new movie, is not certainly missed in this occasion. Xun said that she wanted to keep secret then but soon share with everyone.

Some Jue's photos

Source: ent.tom.com

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