Monday, November 05, 2007

Women Are not Bad

On October 30th, in the premiere of the movie "Hard Triangle", the director Hark Tsui disclosed that his new movie "Women are not bad" will be filmed in December. Until now only Zhou Xun agreed to join for sure. Other candidates, Jolin Lai and Lin Yi Ling don't have final decision.

In the 2007 Elle Style Awards hold in Hong Kong on October 26th, reporters received news from Zhou Xun that she has signed the contract to attend "Women are not bad". These mean that after finishing Li Mi's Encounters directed by Cao Bao Bing, Xun officially receives new film.

Taiwan union newspaper reported that "Women are not bad" bases on Hark Tsuis old play, the differences are this is comedy and modern movie and its screenwriter is a Korean. The film is about three modern ladies of different ages(respectively 35, 25 and 20 years old)and personalities. They have each experienced a memorable part of their lives in the modern metropolis of Beijing. The movie will give audiences not only happy moment but also bitter one.


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