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Painted Skin (Hua Pi) - 2008

Director: Gordon Chan
Genre: action / thriller
Cast: Donnie Yen, Zhou Xun, Vicki Zhao Wei, Sun Li, Chen Kun, Qi Yuwu
Country: China
Language: Mandarin



Zhou Xun attends "Turning on the lights" activity to welcome Christmas

On November 27th, Zhou Xun went to Hong Kong to attend "Turning on the lights" activity to welcome Christmas. She appeared in the black and white skirt with short black hair in a lively stage.

In the ceremony, she used the piano to play a very short piece of Christmas music, "I don't know how to play the piano. To prepare for this activity, I spent one night on practicing this song" Xun said.

Zhou Xun once more time mentioned that the gift she wants the most at Christmas is white snow:"Hopefully, when waking up, I can enjoy white snow outside the house, feel the happiness and romantic. But now the earth is getting warmer. There will be snow in Beijing this year? Thus, we need together protect our environment". This Christmas, because she will be busy with playing "Woman are not bad" by Tsu Hark, it is impossible for her to enjoy the holidays with Da Qi and her family.

Telling about 2007 Golden Horse Awards, Zhou Xun indicated :"In fact I haven't seen all the movies in nomination list so I don't want to foretell any result, but I myself like Tony Leung and Liu.



Jue's new movie: Painted Skin

After Li Mi's Encounters, now Zhou Xun is playing the role Shui Mei Ling in the movie "Painted Skin" invested 60 million Yuan. Her co-stars are Yen and Chen Kun.

It was reported at first, Chinese actress Fan Bing Bing was selected to play the leading role, Shui Mei Ling. However, Zhou Xun's inteligence and wonderful performing skill persuades producers. They choose her and believe she will give the role new spirit.

Although the movie is filming in Ning Xia now, there are a lot of rumours around which stars will join the movie besides Zhou Xun, Yen and Chenkun. We have to wait for the official press conference, will be hold in Beijing in December to know the truth.

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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Zhou Xun on Haper's Bazaar (part II)

Recent articles often use many words such as pure, childish, tell about Zhou Xun. What a miracle if such person can live in the showbiz. But at present, on the Haper's Bazaar, Zhou Xun creates an actual miracle, she is not only a movie Queen, or a charitable star or a fashion model.

In this photo, Zhou Xun opens both hands to welcome the world. "I always hope that one day I can have opportunity to go to a strange sea, look for a small bar and sing my favorite songs without any fetter and worry, enjoy true life" wrote Xun

One day, I look at myself in the mirror, suddenly realized that my skin looked like a 78 year old woman's, only the eyes were the same. I said to myself, ok, I have already been 30 years old and ready to start to do everything at this age and hopefully can obtain interesting things. I really respect the child in me and try to protect her because for me, using child's eyes to enjoy the world is meaningful gift.

It is said that you should resist you not the world. I myself don't think so. Why do you have to resist yourself. You accept yourself and the so does the world. Giving yourself a smile and everything will be okie.

Perfect love doesn't exist in this world. I don't hate anxious love because love is unnegotible. If you accept love, you must go with it!.

More Xiao Zhou's photos on Harper's Bazaar



Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Zhou Xun promotes her 140 photos collection on Harper's Bazaar

On Nov 11th, Zhou Xun appeared in a shopping center in Beijing to promotes the special edition of Harper's Bazaar, in which there is an album of 140 Xun's photos. This issue is published on the occasion of 140th anniversary. Although the weather was cold, many fans, even a 70 year-old woman, came to support to her.

In the ceremony, Zhou Xun said that the first step to prepare for this album is simple, just using camera to take normal images. After one year, the difficulty is selecting 140 photos among over 1000 ones. Finally everything has been gone well. This is an unique album.

In the middle pf the album, people can enjoy some photos of Zhou Xun and Da Qi. Xun herself feels happy to share private perfect moment with fans.

One of the most popular recent questions is about her near future plan, her new movie, is not certainly missed in this occasion. Xun said that she wanted to keep secret then but soon share with everyone.

Some Jue's photos



Tuesday, November 06, 2007

140 Xun's photos in the special edition of Bazaar

On November 10th, on the occasion of 140th anniversary, the fashion magazine Bazaar will have a special edition in which there is a collection of 140 Zhou Xun's photos in about 30 pages. This is the first time an artist appears in such many pages in a magazine.

140 photos were taken in one year by Zhou Xun and staffs of the magazine, record Xun's images in work and daily life, true and simple Xun, not a movie queen. It is Dai Qi, Xun's boyfriend, has the majority of ideas of these photos.

This album is considered as Xun's documentary with real content and extemporaneous creation. She herself writes comments for photos, some of them are funny and another ones are are moved. "This is like a story, a film in which I am the leading role, can be called"Life" Xun said.

Let's enjoy some photos ^^



Monday, November 05, 2007

Women Are not Bad

On October 30th, in the premiere of the movie "Hard Triangle", the director Hark Tsui disclosed that his new movie "Women are not bad" will be filmed in December. Until now only Zhou Xun agreed to join for sure. Other candidates, Jolin Lai and Lin Yi Ling don't have final decision.

In the 2007 Elle Style Awards hold in Hong Kong on October 26th, reporters received news from Zhou Xun that she has signed the contract to attend "Women are not bad". These mean that after finishing Li Mi's Encounters directed by Cao Bao Bing, Xun officially receives new film.

Taiwan union newspaper reported that "Women are not bad" bases on Hark Tsuis old play, the differences are this is comedy and modern movie and its screenwriter is a Korean. The film is about three modern ladies of different ages(respectively 35, 25 and 20 years old)and personalities. They have each experienced a memorable part of their lives in the modern metropolis of Beijing. The movie will give audiences not only happy moment but also bitter one.



You Are Beautiful

On October 28th, Chinese actor Deng Chao attended the J&D. When the media asked about his latest movie "Li Mi's Encounters", he was so excited that he sang the song "You Are Beautiful" in front of the camera. He indicated this song was for Zhou Xun, his co-star in "Li Mi's Encounters", and all the team of the movie.

Zhou Xun and Deng Chao in "Li Mi's Encounters"

"After the movie was finished, Zhou Xun sometimes couldn't isolate form Li Mi. We all wanted to help her solve this problem. One day I sent her a message that not in the same morning, not in the same city, different people, and "You Are Beautiful". I think we all love the movie so much" remembered Deng Chao.

Talking about Jue's performance in their first movie, Deng Chao said:"I feel Xun's acting is demonic. She plays the role very crazy, completely becomes other person"



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