Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Diary of Li Mi's Encounters (part II)

September 24th, Sina went to Yu Nan to visit team of Li Mi's Encounters and got exclusive Jue's pictures.

Zhou Xun in crying scene

In the afternoon, Zhou Xun played one of the most important scenes, Li Mi meets by chance her boyfriend (played by Deng chao) after 4 years separated but he doesn't know her and even hand in hand with other women. Because of the high requirement of performance and the atmosphere at the place of shooting was so noisy, Zhou Xun couldn't control her mood. During the afternoon, her eyes were full of tears. And perhaps because of being attentive to the crowd, after a NG, she shouted in front of the reporters. However, she quickly calmed down and apologized to them.

Zhou Xun in dangerous scene

It was very dangerous as the scene was taken in the high brigde, the lord of dealing drug (played by Wang bao Gang) pursues Li Mi by car. This required the extremme carefulness and absolute accuracy, other wise the car and Zhou Xun might fall down the river. After getting nesessary attentions from the director Cao Bao Bing, Zhou Xun did by herself without any protection facilitiy. Seeing this, reporters broke into perspiration for her. It was said that such dangerous scene appeared many times in the movie, Zhou Xun played by herself with no complain and even gave the staffs dust-proof kerchiefs to proctect from sunshine.

Deng Chao talks about Zhou Xun

On the same day, Zhou Xun and Deng Chao had an interview with Sina. Talking about the first cooperation with Zhou Xun, Deng Chao said that he leans many things from her. She always works so absorbedly that he cannot distinguish between Li Mi and her.



Thursday, September 20, 2007

Zhou Xun attended the festival of COTTON USA

Sep 20th, ambassador of COTTON USA in China, Zhou Xun appeared at the opening ceremony of Art festival in Beijing. On the same day, she also attended the festival of COTTON USA.

In the ceremony, many questions were given to her. One interesting wonder was that why she always wears long gloves. "When playing a film, my arms sometimes are injured. I therefore wears long gloves so that everybody cannot see these" said Xiao Xun. About joining the movie "拉贝Diary", now she doesn't have final decision.



Tuesday, September 18, 2007

"拉贝Diary" comes after "Li Mi's Encounters"?

Hua Yi Brothers recently disclose their new important project, cooperating with German producers to make movie "拉贝 Diary", will be directed by German director John Rabe.

It was reported the movie bases on the book named "拉贝Diary" which was published 10 years ago in German. It was also then translated into many languages and got attention all over the world. It tells about Nan King massacre, occurring in December 1937 when Japanese troops occupied the eastern Chinese city, Nanjing and killed over 300,000 people. The movie that is invested $30 million, is scheduled to shoot in October.


Recently news spreads that Chinese actress Li Bing Bing will play leading role in the movie. Yesterday reporters called related people to verify this and knew possibility of Li's attendance is very small and Zhou Xun maybe replace her, will co-star with Chen Kun. However, so far there is no confirmation from Zhou Xun.



Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Zhou Xun becomes representative of Olay new product in China

Zhou Xun has recently been chosen to speak for a brand-new product of Olay, white cream Shui Gantou, in China. She has already shot a CF in which, she acts a modern girl having nice white skin, experiences the effects of Shui Gantou by herself. Here are some her pics in new CF.



Zhou Xun visited Hometown

The third Zhejiang tourist festival takes place from Sep 11th to Sep 13th in Cu Zhou city, Zhejiang, China. It was reported Zhou Xun would come back hometown and attend the festival as an ambassador. She would appear in the opening ceremony, join tour and visit local schools. Thus, when the festival is coming, there was an activity in Chu Chou got many people's attentions:"It's free to enjoy the Movie Queen Jue's wonderful performance in her movies". It started with showing Ming Ming. Because the movie tells about modern love story, the majority of audiences were young people. Besides watching movie, they ebulliently discussed Jue's movies and her coming back here. It was said that this activity would last 3 days. After Ming Ming, her latest movies, The Banquet and Perhaps Love would be respectively shown in the following evenings.

As the schedule, on Sep 11th, Zhou Xun came back Chu Chou and visited Chu Chou school. In the morning, atmosphere at the stadium of school was very noisy because hundreds of students gathered to welcome her. About 10.30, as soon as appearing, Jue was surrounded by many teachers and students and received fresh flowers and garlands from them. In the meeting, Zhou Xun was so surprise and happy that she cried because some her old friends also came here. Not only singing the song "watching sea" as a present for everybody, but also Jue encouraged students in study and sent best wishes to school. The meeting only lasted 30 minutes but gave everyone, Jue, teachers as well as students, strong impression, an unforgettable memory.

Let's see Jue's pics at Chu Chou school.



Sunday, September 09, 2007

The BAZAAR Charity Night

Sep 8th, "The BAZAAR Charity Night" was held in Beijing World Hotel. Hundreds of stars shown up on the red carpet: Zhang Yi Ji, Zhou Xun, Li Bing Bing, Fan Bing Bing, Huang Xiao Ming...Seeing their costumes, people could find black was the main colour. Zhou Xun looked beautiful in a black-white dress and large necklace.

Xiao Xun and Chen Kun on the red carpet

In the ceremony, Xun and nine other stars was awarded the top 10 charity awards. When together standing on the stage, four of them, Xiao Xun, Zhang Ziyi, Li Bing Bing and Zhao Wei looked like intimate friends, often talked to one another while Fan Bing Bing expressed lonely when standing between two actors.


More News From Crienglish:

Charity Gala Raises 7.54mln Yuan for Orphaned Children

A charity gala with an all-star cast was held in Beijing on Saturday night, to raise funds for orphan projects run by the China Charity Federation.

The proceeds will be directly used nationwide for the building of computer classrooms in welfare homes, enabling them to have access to the internet.

The charity auction on the night lasted for 3 hours and collected around 7.54 million yuan, about one million US dollars.

Launched by "Bazaar Magazine", one of China's most widely circulated avant-garde vogue publications, the fundraising gala gathered together nearly 350 well-known Chinese movie and sport stars, TV hosts, entrepreneurs and other social elites at the China World Hotel.

Donations auctioned at the gala mainly included clothing, accessories and art works from the world's leading brands like Gucci, Dior and Louis Vuitton, as well as influential artists and designers.

The top bid of the night went to a large-scale oil painting donated by well-known artist Zeng Hao. It was bought by Yu Dong, the General manager of Beijing Polybona Film Distribution Company, for 2.88 million yuan.

At the gala, the top 10 charity awards were awarded to TV host Yang Lan, actresses Zhang Ziyi, Zhou Xun, Zhao Wei, Li Bingbing and Fan Bingbing, along with the actors Chen Kun, Huang Xiaoming, Wu Ruofu and Li Yapeng.

Yang Lan in particular has been playing a big part in charitable deeds. She and her husband founded the Sun Culture Foundation in Hong Kong last year, holding a successful charity ball to raise funds for the Shanghai Special Olympics Committee.


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