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The Equation of Love and Death - 2008

Director: Cao Baoping
Genre: Mystery / Thriller
Cast: Zhou Xun, Zhang Han Yu, Deng chao
Country: China
Language: Mandarin


When it comes to love, do we go on with hope? Or do we choose to live in denial?

Limi (Zhou Xun) is a cab driver on a search she has been trying to find her fiance Fang Wen, who disappeared from her life suddenly after her disapproving parents broke off their pending marriage. For four years, Limi has been receiving letters from Fang Wen randomly, all sent to her without a returning address. Unable to let go, Limi keeps his photos tucked in a magazine, showing them to every passenger that boards for a ride, hoping one day, she might run into someone who will give her a clue.

Qiu Shuitian (Wang Baoqiang) is a small time crook from the countryside of Yunnan. He, along with his partner, Qiu Huogui, arrive in the big city with hopes of striking some gold to bring back home. But at the same time, Qiu Shuitian secretly has another agenda, he is also searching for a girl who has left their hometown to work in the city the girl he loves the girl he intends to spend the rest of his life with.

Feifei (Wang Ning) is a recovering drug addict who has found support through her lover and business partner, Ma Bing (Deng Chao). Despite her dark past, Feifei sees light in the future ahead, and she patiently waits for the emotionally closed up Ma Bing to open up to her, providing her with the answer to the dream of a new life.

When a mysterious death occurs, the lives of these unexpected strangers are suddenly intertwined together. A drug trafficking crime is unveiled, and through the twists and turns of the investigation, their stories unravel, and a bizarre connection is gradually discovered between them.

Written and directed by newcomer, Cao Baoping, THE EQUATION OF LOVE AND DEATH weaves together three different love stories, examining the different emotional struggles the characters go through in dealing with pain and loss, and how letting go is much much harder than holding on

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