Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Jue's film in series of short films of public welfare

Director Feng Xiao Qiang has recently made series of 8 short films of public welfare to welcome Olympic Beijing 2008. Each film lasts from 2min to 3 min, tells daily activities which play as examples in promoting welfare activity. Main actors in these film are Zhou Xun, Lin Xin Ru, Alex Xu, Ge You, Huang Xiao Ming...You can see all in sina.

The story in Jue's film is at a restaurant. After having a meal, a gentleman and his girlfriend gave the waitress a tip. According to the rules of the restaurant,the waitress couldn't receive their amount of money. They even expressed unhappiness and didn't want to get money back. While the waitress didn't know how to do, a guest who was having meal volunteered to help her. The guest is Zhou Xiao Xun. How did Xiao Xun do? If you want to know, please click this link: Zhou Xiao Xun

Some Xiao Xun's pics in the film

Source: ent.sina.com

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