Tuesday, March 13, 2007

MingMing will be shown at the 31th Hongkong International Film Festival

On March 12th, the committee of the 31th Hongkong International Film Fastival announced MingMing will be shown on March 28th at this festival. Many tickets were sold. That made Xun very happy. She said that last month she had plan to propagandize MingMing but it had been delayed because she was so busy. To introduce the film at this film festival ,she will go to Hong Kong on March 27 . She will also go to the cinema to say thank you to fans whom support the film very much. At that time she may attend an propagandic activity of The Hong Kong Film Awards.
Maybe MingMing will be widely shown at the end of April.

New clip of MingMing: MingMing
MingMing on CCTV: MingMing (Download:

Some pics of MingMing:

Source: zhouxun.tv

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