Thursday, March 29, 2007

MingMing Modelling

March 20th, MingMing modelling was introduced with cold and gentle colours.



First showing of MingMing MV

Hong Kong, March 28th, Zhou Zun, Huang Yaoming and Susie Au director attended the first showing of MingMing MV. Xun appeared in the Spanish LOEWE clothes. She told many experiences when recording the theme song "Song of the Hobo" as well as shooting MV.

Some Jue's pics at the meeting.



Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Lead Cast Celebrate "Ming Ming" Premiere

Chinese mainland actress Zhou Xun and Hong Kong sensation Daniel Wu arrive at the premiere ceremony for their latest film, "Ming Ming" at the ongoing Hong Kong International Film Festival, on Wednesday, March 28, 2007. The film, directed by Susie Au, is slated to open in Chinese theaters on April 26. [Photo: Tungstar/]



Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Zhou Xun, Anthony Wong Shoot "Ming Ming" Music Video

Mainland actress-turned-singer Zhou Xun and Hong Kong singer Anthony Wong have shot the music video for "Song of the Vagrant".

It is the theme song for a new movie called "Ming Ming".

Zhou Xun also plays one of the lead roles in the film, acting alongside established Hong Kong actor Daniel Wu and rising Taiwan star Tong Yang.

The film is the first feature-length production from Qu Xue-er, who is better know for directing unique music videos. "Ming Ming" was highly praised at the 11th Pusan International Film Festival in South Korea last October.

It will screen at the 31st Hong Kong International Film Festival on Wednesday.

"Ming Ming" is scheduled for general release on April 26.



Zhou Xun promoted MingMing in Hongkong

Hongkong, March 27th, Zhou Xun and the director of MingMing went to HongKong and attended the conference to promote MingMing.
At the conference people had opportunity to see unique clothes, hat and handbag were designed by Zhou Xun with Dai Qi's help (see pics below).
Some reporters asked her about the wedding date. She smiled and said thank-you for everyone's consider, this question was answered for 3 years, always the same so she didn't want to repeat. About the wedding plan she couldn't disclose anything.



Zhou Xun photographs for MingMing MV

In the new movie MingMing, Zhou Xun not only play two roles but also sing the chorus of the soundtrack with Huang Yaoming. The song has two versions: Cantonese and Chinese. Xun said that performing the song is a challenge because it is difficult to sing Cantonese.
MV of the song was shooted. On March 25th, Zhou Xun and Huang Yaoming were photographed for MV. Here are some photos



Sunday, March 25, 2007

Brother Hua Yi takes 3 Movies to The 14th Beijing Student Film Festival

Two years ago Brother Hua Yi won 6 prizes, became the biggest winner at the 12th Beijing Student Film Festival. This year Brother Hua Yi takes along three famous movies: The Banquet (Zhou Xun), Rain Ballad (Li Bing Bing) and Ink To attack (Fan Bing Bing) to this festival. Besides, Zhang Jing Ying will attend the the promulgation with a song. It means that 4 big stars of Hua Yi together attend the festival.

The Banquet



Shooting MV of MingMing, Zhou Xun fell ill

MV of MingMing has been shooted. 30,000 Yuan was spent on hiring 30 waterwheel for a romantic raining scence. Zhou Xun and her co-star, Yang Youning had to work for 10 hours from 7p.m to the following early morning in the heavy rain. That was the reason why she fell ill. Zhou Xun smiles and remembers at that time thanks to Yang Youning's drugs, she could recover soon. At first, among all people of the team, only Yang Youning had a big medicine kit. After that everybody imitated him and called him "Doctor Yang".

New poster of MingMing



Thursday, March 22, 2007

Zhou Xun Advertises The Orange Juice

Shanghai, March 22, Zhou Xun in orange clothes attended the conference to introduce a new drink, the orange juice which she is on behalf of.
In the interview some people asked her about the recent scandals with director of Brother Hua Yi and Dai Qi. She showed the transquil feeling, said that this was a slander and went so far. She also straight reprimanded the fabrication as well as irresponsibility of the media.

Some Jue's pics at the conference.



Sunday, March 18, 2007

Zhou Xun attended the prize promulgation of Marie Claire

On March 16th, Zhou Xun went to Beijing to attend the prize promulgation of Marie Claire. She happily said that her boyfriend, Li Dai Qi also went to Beijing with her and her clothes were made by him. Now she doesn't temporarily have plan for new film.



Thursday, March 15, 2007

Japanese Film Festival Kicks Off in Beijing

Beijing's New Century Cinema started a three day Japanese film festival on Thursday to mark the 35th anniversary since China and Japan normalized their diplomatic ties.

Most of the films will explore the themes that are popular with young people, like love, dreams and worries. They will also act as a mirror on Japanese society and culture, showing Chinese people how Japanese people act, live and think.

"Heaven Can Wait, Maybe...", "All of the 15-year-old Boys" and "Give It All" are just some of the films in the line-up.

A number of prominent Japanese directors will attend the festival, as well as the actors and actresses who star in the films

Zhou Xun and Huo director were invited to be sponsor to promote the exchange of culture and movie between two countries at this festival.



Tuesday, March 13, 2007

MingMing will be shown at the 31th Hongkong International Film Festival

On March 12th, the committee of the 31th Hongkong International Film Fastival announced MingMing will be shown on March 28th at this festival. Many tickets were sold. That made Xun very happy. She said that last month she had plan to propagandize MingMing but it had been delayed because she was so busy. To introduce the film at this film festival ,she will go to Hong Kong on March 27 . She will also go to the cinema to say thank you to fans whom support the film very much. At that time she may attend an propagandic activity of The Hong Kong Film Awards.
Maybe MingMing will be widely shown at the end of April.

New clip of MingMing: MingMing
MingMing on CCTV: MingMing (Download:

Some pics of MingMing:



Monday, March 05, 2007

Forbes Releases 2007 Chinese Celebrity Ranks

Forbes released its lists of Chinese celebrity rankings, with NBA star Yao Ming coming first both on the income and social influence rankings.

Famous athlete Liu Xiang, the 110-meter hurdling world record holder, and blockbuster director Zhang Yimou were second and third on the list of social influence, while their incomes were fourth and sixth respectively.

It is noticeable that in the top 10 in social influence, other than those named above, all the others were females from showbiz.

Gong Li, with an income of 46 million yuan, or nearly 6 million US dollars, is fifth both in terms of income and social influence. Her rise in social influence is due to her growing spotlight in Hollywood after starring in "Miami Vice" and "Hannibal Rising" in 2007. Zhang Ziyi is fourth in social influence after her performance in "Memoirs of a Geisha," but her income dropped to 18th because she had no new releases in the past year.

Zhou Xun is 6th in social influence and her income ranks 10th with 23 million Yuan.

It is astonishing to find Twelve Girls Band coming in second in income. They earned 130 million yuan, or about 18 million US dollars, after performing 50 concerts on their world tour. However, their social influence only takes 37th.

Forbes list is based on the income and social influence of the candidates. "Income" here refers to their pre-tax incomes rather than the actual ones. Their activeness and fame are also taken into consideration.



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