Monday, November 27, 2006

The 43rd Taiwan's Golden Horse Film Awards

Winners of Taiwan's 43rd Golden Horse Awards, claimed to be "The Chinese Oscar", have been announced on Saturaday in Taipei. Hong Kong movies once again dominated the event this year. In recent years, most Hong Kong movies are no longer purely Hong Kong made but rather co-produced by mainland Chinese companies. Meanwhile, more and more mainland Chinese productions are co-financed by Hong Kong studios. This year, After This Our Exile, a low-budget Hong Kong drama about a father and a his infant son's bumpy relationship, takes home three awards, Best Feature Film, Best Leading Actor and Best Supporting Actor. Hong Kong director Peter Chan's Perhaps Love, a musical about a love-triangle co-produced by Hong Kong and the mainland China received four awards - Best Director, Best Leading Actress, Best Cinematography and Best Original Film Song. Chinese mainland director Feng Xiaogang's The Banquet, a Hamlet inspired period drama, also jointly produced by the mainland China and Hong Kong, received two statuses for Best Art Direction and Best Makeup & Costume Design (thanks both to Tim Yip). Do Over, a Taiwan made small drama about several men and women's stories at a new year eve party, takes two awards - Best Original Film Score and Best Film Editing

The result of The 43th Golden Horse Awards:

Best Director
NING Hao Crazy Stone (China / Hong Kong)  
Johnnie TO Exiled (Hong Kong)   
SU Chao Pin Silk (Taiwan / Hong Kong)   
Peter CHAN Ho Sun - winner Perhaps Love (Hong Kong / Taiwan)

Best Leading Actress   
SIQIN Gaowa The Postmodern Life of My Aunt (China / Hong Kong)   
LEE Sinje Re-cycle (Hong Kong)   
ZHOU Xun - winner Perhaps Love (Hong Kong / China)   
Carina LAU Curiosity Kills The Cat (China)

Best Cinematography   
ZHANG Li The Banquet (China / Hong Kong)   
Peter PAU - winner Perhaps Love (Hong Kong / China)   
Mark LEE Ping Bing After This Our Exile (Hong Kong)   
WANG Yu The Go Master (China)  

Best Makeup & Costume Design   
Tim YIP - winner The Banquet (China / Hong Kong)   
YEE Chung Man, Dora NG Perhaps Love (Hong Kong / China)   
TU Hsu Chung After This Our Exile (Hong Kong)   
Emi Wada The Go Master (China)

Best Original Film Song   
Longing in Silence (from The Banquet) Lyric: anonymous, Song: TAN Dun, Singer: ZHOU Xun  
Crossroad (from Perhaps Love) - winner Lyric: Chris SHUM, Song: Leon KO, Singer: Takeshi Kaneshiro, ZHOU Xun   Urge (from Reflections) Lyric: Teresa Chang, Song: KbN, Singer: Teresa Chang   
Eternal Summer (from Eternal Summer)


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