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Zhou Xun chatted with fans on October, 18th.

On October 18th, Zhou Xun was online and chatted with fans at are Jue's words translated into English by 茶点一品香 from 茶点一品香in advance.


#1 Zhouxun:
Hello, everybody, I am coming.
Now, we are in a bar, and my assistant Jason is helping me type the words, and he types so well.
Well, Qige is saying hello to everybody.
Wish all Libra friends happy birthday!

Notes: DaQi is Zhouxun's boyfriend, here Zhouxun calls him Qige, Qi is a word from his name, and Ge means brother in English.
When someone call the other Ge in Chinese, it means someone is his or her brother or lover, it shows us that the relationship
between them is very imtimate.

#35 Zhouxun:
Thanks a lot for everbody.
I am very glad to see so many friends here, and I am listenning to the backgrond music of the forum, it is very lovely.
Thank you for your kind intention, and I hope everybody here tonight will be happy.

#49 Zhouxun:
YuanFang, Qige and me wish you the first anniversary of marriage happy!

Notes: YuanFang is one member of Sanyan, so when she says that today is the anniversary of her marriage, Zhouxun and Daqii all
send their sweet wishes to her.

#115 Zhouxun:
Everybody all type so fast, I am very very happy to read the messages you send to me here.
Is the members of Yingchong come here? If not, please come.
Just now, I checked the webpages of Yingchong, there is a small lovely calendar.

#152 Zhouxun:
Now we are almost in faint, with indistinct eyes and tired hands.
"Mars Star" will come after a while.
Notes: Mars Star was the music manufacturer of Zhouxun in the past, they cooperated twice.
I guess you will enjoy the first and second CD album of Zhouxun, one is "Summer" and the other is "Meet Accidently".

#172 Zhouxun:
I received all the messages you send to me, now I don't know what should I say, I am deeply moved by all of you.

#201 Zhouxun:
Thank you for the friends from Yingchong, thank you for endowing money to lovely children in "Lu Gu Hu", so that they can go
to school to study with other children.
Wish you who married happy forevery and wish your babies grow healthy.

#212 Zhouxun:
You can send it to Jason, and Xiaotao knows the contact method of Jason.

Notes: When someone asked how could she send the script written by her friend to Zhouxun, then Zhouxun answered.

#220 Zhouxun:
Lao Zhou and Zhou Xiao Xun.

Notes: when someone asked Zhouxun which was her favourite name when we called her, then Zhouxun replyed that she love two nicknames best, which were Lao Zhou and Zhou Xiao Xun.

#246 Zhouxun:
My mother makes the dinner, then my father washes the bowls, while we are playing in the oneside.
My niece, who is 21 years old, has eaten 3 persimmons and 1 hawthorn, it's the first time for her to eat a hawthorn.
My friend Shenchang is also here, stayed with us, who is much more attactive than before, hahahahaha...

Notes: when someone asked Zhouxun what did she eat today.

#264 Zhouxun:
Of course you can wirte letters to me, and I wish friends who are in love do what they wanna do.

Notes: when someone asked whether he or she can write letters to Zhouxun, then Zhouxun replyed yes.

#288 Zhouxun:
I was wake up this afternoon, for the calling of my niece.
Then we went out for shopping, and I got many many beautiful clothes from Qige.
After that, we came to my parents' house, ate together. When we finished it, we came here to meet all of you.

Notes: when someone asked what have Zhouxun done today?

#321 Zhouxun:
Yoyo told me that you are so clever, indeed, she was born in the foreign country.
Well, she considers that the hawthorn is too acid, so she will never eat it again.

Notes: when someone cosiders Yoyo is grown up in the foreign country.

#327 Zhouxun:
These days, Qige is paying much attention to taking photoes for me, and you will see the photoes in my new CD album.

#338 Zhouxun:
Here Qige explains, please do not talk gloves any more, that's Xiaoxun's best choice.
You can't imagine how happy when she wear gloves.

Do you still remember the dialect of Quzhou, and do you use the dialect when you chat with you parents?

# 342 Zhouxun:
Daqi is trying to learn the dialect of my hometown.

Notes: Zhouxun was born in Quzhou, Zhejiang province, China.

#347 Zhouxun:
Hahahahaha...(begin to laugh)

What about your new movie "Mingming"? When can it be released? I am really expecting the movie.

#355 Zhouxun:
Me -----------------------------------------------------

#374 Zhouxun:
Daqi told us let's wear gloves, togethe with Xiaoxun, haha...

Notes: when someone said that we should establish "a glove gang".

Does Daqi's voice sounds like Taiwan tune?

#384 Zhouxun:
No, sounds like American tune.

#409 Zhouxun:
So long works, thanks to Yuehun, i will remember all.
Qige said there is no skill for collocating clothes, no need to follow the fashion current.
The only point you should keep is to have a childlike innocence.

Notes: When someone showed one comment written by Yuehun of Zhouxun's fashion style.

#469 Zhouxun:
There is a gift for all of you, hold your attention, please.


#523 Zhouxun:
In this photo, from the left to right, they are the mystical young lady Rangzi, GuoXiaogou, Xun, Qi, Yoyo, Chang and Jason.

#569 Zhouxun:
xxxx: hahahaha...


#643 Zhouxun:
Daqi is going to give us a photo.

#649 Zhouxun:
Daqi is going to give us a photo.


#664 Zhouxun:
Yoyo said it is vey glad to learn the word "Ma Jia" from you.

Notes: Ma Jia means another ID for one person, i.e. if somebody used the ID "lovejue", then he or she can choose another name, such as "lovelyjue" to register again, here we can call the nickname "lovelyjue" as "Ma Jia" in Chinese.

#680 Zhouxun:
Yes, I will visit Zhangzhou.

#698 Zhouxun:
Say goodbye to everybody.
I guess tomorrow all of you will go to shcool or go to work, so please take a rest, take care and goodbye.
I will miss you all!

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