Monday, October 09, 2006

"Golden Flower," "The Banquet" Bid for Oscars

Chinese martial arts blockbusters "Curse of the Golden Flower" and "The Banquet" have been confirmed to compete for nominations in the Best Foreign Film category at the Oscars this year.

"Curse of the Golden Flower," by director Zhang Yimou, will represent the Chinese mainland while "The Banquet," by director Feng Xiaogang, will represent Hong Kong to vie for the nominations.

"Curse of the Golden Flower," starring Chinese big names Chow Yun-Fat and Gong Li, is also said to be a powerful competitor for the Best Director, Best Actor and Actress, and Best Film awards this year, according to New Picture Company. The film has received high praise from the media and audiences in Beijing since it previewed on September 20th.

Chinese historical epic "The Banquet," starring the hottest Chinese actress, Zhang Ziyi, is the box office champion in China this year, although it premiered amid both recognition and criticism.

Source : Chinabroadcast

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