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Daniel Wu uncomfortable with strangers so actress Zhou Xun does intimate scene herself

Saturday September 16, 2006 Singapore | 22 septembre 2006

IF Zhang Ziyi is fire, Zhou Xun is, well, a block of wood.

That's if you ask their hunky co-star Daniel Wu, who gets caught between them in Chinese director Feng Xiaogang's tragic epic, The Banquet. But Daniel, who was in town yesterday to promote the film, was quick to explain himself. 'I don't mean wood in the usual way (read: nerdy), but in the sense that it looks simple,but actually contains lots of details.'

Unlike the vivacious Ziyi, who commands attention when she enters a room, the more subdued Zhou Xun would slip in quietly, he said in Mandarin.'You won't even notice she's there, but she would be there observing people,' he said at a media gathering at Oriental Hotel. He would know. This is the second time he's teaming up with Zhou Xun. They had previously acted together for the yet-to-be-released Hong Kong film Ming Ming. And he and Zhou Xun, both Libras, apparently clicked like two peas in a pod - or rather, an iPod.The San Francisco-born Daniel, 32, told The New Paper that they once looked at each other's iPods and found the contents uncannily similar. 'It's so weird, because she grew up in China and I, in America, but there were so many songs she had that I also had. We both like alternative music.'

During filming, Zhou Xun, 30, also made a huge sacrifice for Daniel. She plays a naive general's daughter betrothed to a brooding prince (Daniel) and she bares her back for a love scene in which the anguished prince pounces on her. The director had arranged for a body double for her, but Daniel said that he felt uncomfortable doing it with someone he didn't know. 'Zhou Xun saw how awkward I was after the first take, so she decided to do the scene herself.'


Unlike the introspective prince who suppresses his emotions, Daniel said he is an expressive person who has no problem displaying his emotions. For example, a few months ago, he and his Alive bandmate Terence Yin had a small fight on their blog over some video footage.

He also expresses his frustrations by doing a physical workout. Said Daniel, who has been trained in wushu since young: 'I usually rely on exercise... Punching a sandbag is a good way to vent.' But while he is vocal with his buddies, Daniel claims to be 'stupid' when it comes to affairs of the heart.

When asked if he had ever had two girls fighting over him - which happens in the movie - he laughed and said: 'If there is, I wouldn't know. I'm quite dense when it comes to
relationships. 'Even if a girl were to show her affections for me obviously, I wouldn't realise it. I find it hard to tell whether she wants to be my friend or lover and it'd be so awkward if I get it wrong!'

Daniel, who is reportedly dating Eurasian supermodel Lisa S, said that between two people, respect for each other is important. In the movie, his character's two lovers are both so besotted with him that they are willing to die for him. Ziyi plays his childhood sweetheart who marries his father and becomes the empress. So who does Daniel think is prettier, Ziyi or Zhou Xun?

His diplomatic reply? 'Both are pretty, but they have their own appeal. Ziyi sparkles, while Zhou Xun has more character and style.

The Banquet opens in theatres here today.



Zhou Xun shoots Miu Miu Campaign

Internationally acclaimed brandnames appear to be pulled towards the direction of China this year -- Renowned French brands Louis Vuitton and Miu Miu (Urm, dear Chinese writer - Miu Miu's ITALIAN ) have simultaneously used eastern faces to promote their worldwide campaigns. Recently, LV sought out mainland model Du Juan and invited her to become the featured model of their worldwide campaign. Meanwhile, Zhou Xun and Dong Jie shot the Miu Miu Fall/Winter ad campaign in Paris.

The winner of the New Silk Road Pageant, Du Juan was recently featured as one of's Top Ten Models of 2006. Still only 19, Du Juan not only graced the NYC, London, Milan, and Paris international runways, but she also triumphed over her competition and was selected as Louis Vuitton's newest face.

The fashion industry has recently encountered an immense amount of Chinese influence, with many companies searching for Asian stars or models to front their advertisements. Another famous brandname, Miu Miu, chose mainland actresses Zhou Xun and Dong Jie as spokemodels for their next worldwide campaign, which is now in the process of being photographed in Paris. As the girlfriend of stylist Li Da Qi, Zhou Xun is riding on the momentum of her newfound love as well as her win in the Hong Kong Film Awards, and with the help of her significant other, she has transformed into an even more stylish individual -- a change that has enhanced her aura.

More pictures from Miu Miu Campain : Click here

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The 50th anniversary of the American Cotton Association

Attending the 50th anniversary of the Americam Cotton Association, Zhou Xun looked gentle and charming in the clothes which her boyfriend had chose for her. Her face was full of happiness. Zhou Xun said that the purified cotton had high quality. For example, her jacket tonight was completely made of cotton.It was soft and made her feel comfortable.

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Chinese, Korean Stars Hit It Off in Busan

Busan 16th, October - "The elegance and beauty Korean actresses bring to the screen is truly remarkable. If I’m ever cast in a Korean movie, I definitely want to try to express that beauty myself.” - Zhou Xun “Chinese action does a beautiful job at showing feminine lines. You might not believe it, but I really love action movies. I really want to star in a Chinese action movie sometime.” - Jang Jin-young.

In the midst of the Pusan International Film Festival, Chinese actress Zhou Xun (left) meets Korean actress Jang Jin-young on Sunday at the Haeundae Grand Hotel in the southern port city also spelled ‘Busan.’

The two most beautiful stars at the Pusan International Film Festival this year met up at the Haeundae Beach in Busan on Sunday afternoon, Korea’s Jang Jin-young and Zhou Xun, the Chinese actress, whose roles in “Perhaps Love” and “The Night Banquet” have won her adoring fans in Korea as well as her homeland. The two, who the day before had never once met, were drawn together by a world’s first event that opened there.

On Monday, with a press conference and a red carpet event, the Star Summit Asia formally gets underway. In its first year, the summit, which is one of the side events for the Asian Film Market, gathers Asia’s biggest stars together in one place to introduce their talent and offer production companies who are casting their next film a closer look. It is also a platform to arrange co-productions.

The event has three sections: “Curtain Call” for top stars, the “Casting Board” for promising new talent, and the “Special Section” for Hollywood’s Asian newcomers. Of course it was the “curtain call” that had place cards set out for Jang Jin-young and Zhou Xun. Only Hwang Jung-min and Jang Jin-young were chosen to represent Korea, and Aoi Uoo (Japan) and Guo Xiaodong (China) were two of the six chosen from overseas.

Jang did seem a little uncomfortable at first. She’s not at the age anymore where she needs someone to make her introductions for her, she says. “The best way to show oneself to the industry insiders from overseas is through one’s work, I wasn’t sure at first that there is a need for a separate designated place to do so.” But she was won over. “After thinking about it some more, it is an honor just to be chosen to be here, and more than anything it seemed like this program, the first of its kind to be tried anywhere, would be fun, so that’s what brought me to Busan.”

Zhou, who was listening intently at her side, said, “I too tend to get worried… acting in front of the cameras isn’t easy, and I thought that it would be extra frightening at this separate event where I would have to show and express who I am.” There is criticism that the Star Summit is an artificial event, but with major distributors and production companies including Japan’s TohoTowa and Shochiku, China’s Beijing Poly Bona Film, EDKO Films of Hong Kong and Studio Canal from Europe present, the real success of the event is drawing attention.

The two stars were awkward around each other at first, but quickly warmed to one another. “I want to see the midnight screening of ‘Midnight Passion,’ but I’m worried that I might doze off,” said Jang, the big sister of the two, to which Zhou Xun said, “I told you that I would wake you back up,” while poking her in the ribs. Jang recalls that her last film “Blue Swallow” was shot in China. Zhou asked, “You like spicy food, right? If you come to Beijing I’ll definitely treat you to some good food.” The two exchanged phone numbers.

( )


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Nominations of The 43rd Golden Horse Awards

Nominations of The 43rd Golden Horse Awards were announced on October,23th. Perhaps Love won 12 nominations :
- Best movie
- Best director
- Best leading actress
- Best visual effect
- Best photograhpy
- Best art design
- Best modelling design.
- Best movement design.
- Best sound track.
- Best movie song : "Crossroads" performed by Zhou Xun and Takeshi
- Best editing.
- Best news effect.

The Banquet won 5 nominations:
- Best photography.
- Best art design.
- Best modelling design.
- Best sound track.
- Best movie song : performed by Zhou Zun

Source :


The 43rd Golden Horse Awards

Forging ahead into the 43rd year, the most renowned Golden Horse Awards Chinese Language Film Competition welcomes entries during 1~20 September. (Entry Form will be available from middle August.) The Nominees will be announced on 23 October and the Golden Horse Awards Ceremony will be held on 25 November in Taipei.

HONG KONG Peter Chan's musical movie "Perhaps Love" racked up the most nominations in the 43rd Golden Horse Awards shortlist announced late Monday, but a fellow Hong Kong director's comeback film and a mainland Chinese newcomer's heist comedy also emerged as top contenders in the major categories.

"Perhaps Love," starring Zhou Xun, Takeshi Kaneshiro and Jacky Cheung, is up for 12 prizes in the prestigious film competition, the Chinese-speaking world's equivalent of the Oscars.

The bulk of them are technical awards, but the movie is also in contention for best film, best director for Chan and best actress for China's Zhou, who has already dominated the Hong Kong movie awards circuit this year with her performance as a movie star caught between past and present loves.

The winners will be announced at an awards ceremony in Taipei, Taiwan on Nov. 25.

Full article: 'Perhaps Love' up for 12 Golden Horses;
Golden Horse Awards official Web site:
Full nominated list will coming soon! or if you can read Chinese:


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Zhou Xun chatted with fans on October, 18th.

On October 18th, Zhou Xun was online and chatted with fans at are Jue's words translated into English by 茶点一品香 from 茶点一品香in advance.


#1 Zhouxun:
Hello, everybody, I am coming.
Now, we are in a bar, and my assistant Jason is helping me type the words, and he types so well.
Well, Qige is saying hello to everybody.
Wish all Libra friends happy birthday!

Notes: DaQi is Zhouxun's boyfriend, here Zhouxun calls him Qige, Qi is a word from his name, and Ge means brother in English.
When someone call the other Ge in Chinese, it means someone is his or her brother or lover, it shows us that the relationship
between them is very imtimate.

#35 Zhouxun:
Thanks a lot for everbody.
I am very glad to see so many friends here, and I am listenning to the backgrond music of the forum, it is very lovely.
Thank you for your kind intention, and I hope everybody here tonight will be happy.

#49 Zhouxun:
YuanFang, Qige and me wish you the first anniversary of marriage happy!

Notes: YuanFang is one member of Sanyan, so when she says that today is the anniversary of her marriage, Zhouxun and Daqii all
send their sweet wishes to her.

#115 Zhouxun:
Everybody all type so fast, I am very very happy to read the messages you send to me here.
Is the members of Yingchong come here? If not, please come.
Just now, I checked the webpages of Yingchong, there is a small lovely calendar.

#152 Zhouxun:
Now we are almost in faint, with indistinct eyes and tired hands.
"Mars Star" will come after a while.
Notes: Mars Star was the music manufacturer of Zhouxun in the past, they cooperated twice.
I guess you will enjoy the first and second CD album of Zhouxun, one is "Summer" and the other is "Meet Accidently".

#172 Zhouxun:
I received all the messages you send to me, now I don't know what should I say, I am deeply moved by all of you.

#201 Zhouxun:
Thank you for the friends from Yingchong, thank you for endowing money to lovely children in "Lu Gu Hu", so that they can go
to school to study with other children.
Wish you who married happy forevery and wish your babies grow healthy.

#212 Zhouxun:
You can send it to Jason, and Xiaotao knows the contact method of Jason.

Notes: When someone asked how could she send the script written by her friend to Zhouxun, then Zhouxun answered.

#220 Zhouxun:
Lao Zhou and Zhou Xiao Xun.

Notes: when someone asked Zhouxun which was her favourite name when we called her, then Zhouxun replyed that she love two nicknames best, which were Lao Zhou and Zhou Xiao Xun.

#246 Zhouxun:
My mother makes the dinner, then my father washes the bowls, while we are playing in the oneside.
My niece, who is 21 years old, has eaten 3 persimmons and 1 hawthorn, it's the first time for her to eat a hawthorn.
My friend Shenchang is also here, stayed with us, who is much more attactive than before, hahahahaha...

Notes: when someone asked Zhouxun what did she eat today.

#264 Zhouxun:
Of course you can wirte letters to me, and I wish friends who are in love do what they wanna do.

Notes: when someone asked whether he or she can write letters to Zhouxun, then Zhouxun replyed yes.

#288 Zhouxun:
I was wake up this afternoon, for the calling of my niece.
Then we went out for shopping, and I got many many beautiful clothes from Qige.
After that, we came to my parents' house, ate together. When we finished it, we came here to meet all of you.

Notes: when someone asked what have Zhouxun done today?

#321 Zhouxun:
Yoyo told me that you are so clever, indeed, she was born in the foreign country.
Well, she considers that the hawthorn is too acid, so she will never eat it again.

Notes: when someone cosiders Yoyo is grown up in the foreign country.

#327 Zhouxun:
These days, Qige is paying much attention to taking photoes for me, and you will see the photoes in my new CD album.

#338 Zhouxun:
Here Qige explains, please do not talk gloves any more, that's Xiaoxun's best choice.
You can't imagine how happy when she wear gloves.

Do you still remember the dialect of Quzhou, and do you use the dialect when you chat with you parents?

# 342 Zhouxun:
Daqi is trying to learn the dialect of my hometown.

Notes: Zhouxun was born in Quzhou, Zhejiang province, China.

#347 Zhouxun:
Hahahahaha...(begin to laugh)

What about your new movie "Mingming"? When can it be released? I am really expecting the movie.

#355 Zhouxun:
Me -----------------------------------------------------

#374 Zhouxun:
Daqi told us let's wear gloves, togethe with Xiaoxun, haha...

Notes: when someone said that we should establish "a glove gang".

Does Daqi's voice sounds like Taiwan tune?

#384 Zhouxun:
No, sounds like American tune.

#409 Zhouxun:
So long works, thanks to Yuehun, i will remember all.
Qige said there is no skill for collocating clothes, no need to follow the fashion current.
The only point you should keep is to have a childlike innocence.

Notes: When someone showed one comment written by Yuehun of Zhouxun's fashion style.

#469 Zhouxun:
There is a gift for all of you, hold your attention, please.


#523 Zhouxun:
In this photo, from the left to right, they are the mystical young lady Rangzi, GuoXiaogou, Xun, Qi, Yoyo, Chang and Jason.

#569 Zhouxun:
xxxx: hahahaha...


#643 Zhouxun:
Daqi is going to give us a photo.

#649 Zhouxun:
Daqi is going to give us a photo.


#664 Zhouxun:
Yoyo said it is vey glad to learn the word "Ma Jia" from you.

Notes: Ma Jia means another ID for one person, i.e. if somebody used the ID "lovejue", then he or she can choose another name, such as "lovelyjue" to register again, here we can call the nickname "lovelyjue" as "Ma Jia" in Chinese.

#680 Zhouxun:
Yes, I will visit Zhangzhou.

#698 Zhouxun:
Say goodbye to everybody.
I guess tomorrow all of you will go to shcool or go to work, so please take a rest, take care and goodbye.
I will miss you all!


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Happy Birthday To Our Beloved Zhou Xun !

Today, October 18th is an important day for Zhou Xun ( and Zhou Xun’s fans ! ^_^ ). 30 years ago, on this day, the world welcomed a baby. That was our beloved Jue Zhou.

So now we would like to say



Wish you good health and good luck
Hopefully, you are always happy and remember to spend more time on relaxing (but not too much because we always look forward to watching your new films :)


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Asian Star Summit in Pusan, South Korea

South Korea, Pusan, October 16th : Zhou Xun , Guo Xiao Dong (Chinese actors), Yen Do Thi Hai ( Vietnamese actress) – leading lady of “ Pao’s story” and many South Korean actors took part in Asian Star Summit. At the meeting, they received campaign medals from the sponsor and gave their signatures as mementos.

Zhou Xun holds campaign medal

Jue's signature

Zhou Xun in red dress on the red rug of Asian Star Summit

Source :


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A review of MingMing

A Fable Films (Hong Kong)/Concord Creation Intl. (China)/Guangdong Avlight Entertainment (China) presentation of a Handmade production. (International Sales: EMP Distribution, Hong Kong).
Produced by Philip Lee, Barbie Tung, Susie Au.
Executive producers: Cao Zhong, Au, Jacky Hu, Zhao Lin, Philip Lee, Zorro Xu.
Directed by Susie Au.
Screenplay: Au, Angela Lau, Louisa Wei.

With: Zhou Xun, Daniel Wu, Tony Yang, Jeff Chang.
(Cantonese dialogue)

Edited like it's allergic to shots lasting longer than 10 seconds, Hong Kong-China genre hybrid "MingMing" ends up bursting its own bubble but not before having its way with auds who dig this sort of thing. Toplining Mainland star Zhou Xun in dual roles, hyperactive tale of a comic book-like female fighter aiming for romantic and financial jackpots in Shanghai has the firepower to make inroads in Asia, but faces an uphill battle in Western markets following its world preem in Pusan.
Susie Au, one of Hong Kong's leading musicvideo directors for more than a decade, packs in every trick of that particular trade, and then some, into her feature debut. Visual gimmicks like slow-motion, fast-forward, freeze frame and sundry bits of digital special effects are de rigueur from the moment pic's events kick off inside a nightclub-cum-fight arena.

Champion of the canvas is D (Daniel Wu), an enigmatic figure desired by every female but only available fulltime to the one who can produce $5 million and a promise to run away with him to Harbin. Destination in China, known as the "Ice City," holds the key to a secret sorrow from his past.

Likeliest contender to fill the role is foxy, black-clad adventuress Mingming (Zhou Xun), who has already enjoyed a roll in the hay with D and wants to make the arrangement permanent. Armed with the superhuman ability to flick tiny small metal balls at lightning speed, she decides money can buy her love and steals the cash from an effeminate crime bigwig named Brother Cat.

Following an arresting, "Matrix"-like moment at his headquarters, she makes a beeline for Shanghai, where it's presumed she'll meet her man for the hike to Harbin.

Maxed-out visuals are matched by plotting, which now finds Mingming's sidekick Tu (Tony Yang) hooking up with orange-haired Mingming lookalike Nana (also Zhou Xun), apparently another of D's girlfriends, on the boat to Shanghai. The appearance of a wooden box with a "Kiss Me Deadly"-like "do not open" aura further complicates matters.

Zhou Xun and Daniel Wu

Logic and coherence may be in short supply, but auds demanding nonstop stimulation will get their fill as all roads lead to a snowbound finale, where most scores are settled and the secret of what's inside the box is revealed in all its dubious plausibility.

With Wu's screen time limited (he's given "special appearance" credit), Zhou has a thesping field day as cool operator Mingming and the emotionally brittle Nana. Zhou, who also played dual roles in Lou Ye's much quieter "Suzhou River" (2001), seizes both roles with gusto and emerges with reputation enhanced.

Fisher Yu lensed with high-end fashion-shoot gloss while tech contributers can all put their "Mingming" work on showreel highlights. Kudos are especially due production designer Thomas Chan, whose decors create a unified whole from the elements of comic book, sci-fi and film noir.

Camera (color/B&W), Fisher Yu
editors : Au, Cheung Ka-fai
music: Anthony Wong, Veronica Lee
production designer: Thomas Chan
action choreographer : Chung Chi.
Reviewed at Pusan Film Festival (Window On Asian Cinema), Oct. 13, 2006. Running time: 105 MIN.

Source :


Pusan International Film Festival

PUSAN, SOUTH KOREA - OCTOBER 15: Actress Zhou Xun (R) and "Ming Ming" director Susie An attend a cast greeting session of the Pusan International Film Festival (PIFF) on October 15, 2006 in Pusan, South Korea. The festival, one of Asia's leading film festivals, will showcase a total of 245 films from 63 countries, 155 of the which are world, international or Asian premieres


Zhou Xun attended " Asian Film Market " in South Korea

PUSAN, SOUTH KOREA - OCTOBER 15: Before attending a cast greeting session of the Pusan International Film Festival (PIFF), Zhou Zun had attended the opening ceremony of “Asian Film Market” to cut the ribbon.

Source :


2nd Hollywood China Film Festival to be Launched in L.A., Vancouver

15th October 2006 - - Source:

The 2nd Annual Hollywood China Film Festival will be launched from November 1st to December 9th in Los Angeles and Vancouver. Seven quality feature films from China, including "Perhaps Love" and "A World without Thieves," will be screened for the festival.

The opening ceremony will be held on November 1st at the Director's Guild Theatre in West Hollywood in Los Angeles, hopefully generating widespread awareness and interest in movies and film practitioners from China.

Leading Chinese actors and actresses are expected to grace the event.

Other than enriching audience appreciation of Chinese film culture, the festival also serves as a platform for international dialogue and collaboration in film education, film financing, and film production.


"Ming Ming" aka "Runaway Nana" movie's synopsis

MingMing (ZhouXun) is a 21st Century martial arts princess and lady Robin Hood who steals for love. Her Prince Charming is D (Daniel Wu), a maverick fighter and irresistible rogue who posted this challenge to his swarms of female admirers - give him 5 million dollars and he'll run away with his benefactress.

MingMing loses no time to rob Underworld boss Cat (Jeff Chang). While fleeing from Cat's henchmen. MingMing runs into Nana (also played by Zhou Xun). Not only is Nana a virtual look-alike of MingMing, she is also one of the D's girlfriends. MingMing make Nana to scapegoat for her theft. However, MingMing's secret admirer Tu (Tony Yang) mistakes Nana for her, an becomes her guardian angel.

Just as thi identity mix-up is taking place. D disappears from Shanghai without a trace. The only clue he leaves behind is a cryptic phone message. The two girls search all four corners of the sprawling city but are left dismayed an disappointed. Even more dejected is Tu, who realizes that he means nothing to his goddess.

As four lost souls weave in and out of each other's live in the maze-like metropolis, the dark forces of Cat are closing in on them.

At this critical moment ...



Thursday, October 12, 2006

Zhou Xun at the 8th CCTV-MTV music ceremony

As schedule, the 8th magnificent music ceremony was held by CCTV-MTV at 7.30 p.m yesterday in the Beijing exhibition hall. Zhou Xun attended this grand meeting as a honored guest. She wore a black dress with black cat ears on the head. She looked like a lovely small kitty.

Source : ( you can find more pictures here )


Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Ten most expensive female stars in China

01. Zhang Ziyi: 15 million U.S. dollars a year
02. Maggie Cheung: 13.75 million U.S. dollars a year
03. Gong Li: 11.3 million U.S. dollars a year
04. Carina Lau: 11.3 million U.S. dollars a year
05. Cecilia Cheung: 9.4 million U.S. dollars a year
06. Zhao Wei: 7 million U.S. dollars a year
07. Lin Xinru: 5.6 million U.S. dollars a year
08. Liu Xiaoqing: 4 million U.S. dollars a year
09. Hsu Chi: 3.6 million U.S. dollars a year
10. Zhou Xun: 1.9 million U.S. dollars a year

Source: Xinhua


Zhou Xun appears on The Bazaar

The Bazaar magazine was pulished 139 years ago and has been famous all over the world.This year the 20th anniversairy in China will be held in October.4 stars of The Banquet were invited to take photos.Besides, The Bazaar interviewed 4 stars and gave original photos: Zhou Xun-"I am just a guest of the west", Zhang Zi Yi-"I do not have many evils intentions"

Let's look at Zhou Xun-a guest of the west.

Source :


Tuesday, October 10, 2006

The charitable banquet of The Bazaar

The charitable banquet is an annual activity of the renowned Bazaar in China.
This year the party was held on September, 30th.It is said that hundreds of stars met each other because of the only aim ‘charity’. It is true because the most famous Chinese stars such as Zhou Xun, Fin Bing Bing, Zhang Zi Yi….appeared here.
The amount of money collected at the party was 1.700.000Yuan.

Some Jue's pictures at the party

Zhou Xun

Zhou xun holds candle and sings " happy garden" with lovely children.

Source :


Monday, October 09, 2006

"Golden Flower," "The Banquet" Bid for Oscars

Chinese martial arts blockbusters "Curse of the Golden Flower" and "The Banquet" have been confirmed to compete for nominations in the Best Foreign Film category at the Oscars this year.

"Curse of the Golden Flower," by director Zhang Yimou, will represent the Chinese mainland while "The Banquet," by director Feng Xiaogang, will represent Hong Kong to vie for the nominations.

"Curse of the Golden Flower," starring Chinese big names Chow Yun-Fat and Gong Li, is also said to be a powerful competitor for the Best Director, Best Actor and Actress, and Best Film awards this year, according to New Picture Company. The film has received high praise from the media and audiences in Beijing since it previewed on September 20th.

Chinese historical epic "The Banquet," starring the hottest Chinese actress, Zhang Ziyi, is the box office champion in China this year, although it premiered amid both recognition and criticism.

Source : Chinabroadcast


The mid-autumn wishes from Zhou Xun

Zhou Xun wishes everybody is happy in The Mid-autumn festival.

Source :


Perhaps Love and The Banquet participate in The 51st Asian Pacific Film Festival

The 51st Asian Pacific Film Festival Hong Kong contestants have been finalised by the Hong Kong Film Producers Association yesterday.

They are:Project BB - Jackie Chan, Louis Koo
Perhaps Love -Takeshi Kaneshiro, Zhou Xun, Jacky Cheung.
The Banquet - Zhang Ziyi, Zhou Xun, Daniel Wu
Wait Till You're Older - Andy Lau
Exile - Francis Ng, Richie Ren, Anthony Wong

In the meantime, the Oscars Best Foreign Film nomination would be represented by Hong Kong movie The Banquet.Peter Chen doesn't know if he would attend. He also declined to confirm the cast of his new movie.Benny Chen already has been in this competition before with four works, Heroic Duo, New Police Story, Divergence and now Project BB. He also does not know if he would attend. Earlier he didn't get to attend either due to work. The Banquet representative is happy to be chosen to represent Hong Kong for the Oscars. Earlier it was Infernal Affairs but it never got past the preliminaries

The 51st Asian Pacific Film Festival will take place in November in Taipei.



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