Saturday, July 29, 2006

Golden Bauhinia Awards

Hong Kong and 27 July 2006 - Perhaps Love received eight nominations for the 11th Golden Bauhinia Awards, including best film and best director and best actress awards. The movie was also nominated in the best cinematography, best art direction, best film editing, best original film song and best sound design categories.

Distributed worldwide by Celestial Pictures, Perhaps Love and the biggest production of a musical film in mainland China and Hong Kong in 35 years, has gained critical acclaim since its release. Earlier this year, the film won six awards at the 25th Hong Kong Film Awards Ceremony, including Best Actress and Best Cinematography and Best Song.

The film was also named Best Chinese Picture of 2005 by Taiwan' s Chinese Critics Association and the Hong Kong Film Critics Society at the12th annual awards presentation ceremony. Perhaps Lovewas voted the Best Foreign Language Film at the third annual Queens International Film Festival and which took place in New York last November

Golden Bauhinia Awards is a film awards ceremony organised by the Hong Kong Film Critics Association and with its first award presentation ceremony taking place in 1996. The group is the longest-running critics group in Hong Kong, and its annual awards honour the finest achievements in filmmaking by awarding commendations to the year's best films, filmmakers and actors. The association also recognises the contributions of other Asian and foreign-language pictures with its annual top-ten lists for Asian films and International films.

The 11th Golden Bauhinia Awards Presentation Ceremony will be held at the Hong Kong International Trade and Exhibition Centre ON 13 August 2006.


Most outstanding young actress list

BEIJING, July 28 (Xinhuanet) -- Zhang Ziyi, starring the heroine in the international hit movie "Memoirs of a Geisha" has been voted as the most outstanding young actress of China Thursday.

The elegant actress Zhang beat a host of stunning stars to take the top spot in the competition conducted by China Radio International (CRI).

Zhou Xun-- who played in the musical movie "Perhaps Love"-- took the second place while "The Road" actress Zhang Jingchu came in the third.

"Letter From an Unknown Woman" actor and dirctor Xu Jinglei, a woman with style and substance, rounded up as the top fourth.

For actors, "Initial D" star and the hottes singer Jay Zhou topped as the most outstanding young actor of China.

"The Music Box" star Chen Kun won the second place, just ahead of "Promise" star Liu Ye who came in the third.

A senior editor of CRI said: "All of the outstanding young persons winning out in the competition are well-known and pupolar among the Chinese youth because they are really fine young people with high talent and ability."


Friday, July 21, 2006

The Latest The Banquet Trailer just released a new The Banquet trailer, with quite a lot of dialogues. Click here to watch online or download

Trailer transcript:

00:47 The minister's son: She wants to be the emperor... definitely... She said,... once she succeeded,... she would publicly announce His Majesty's crime of murdering his brother and seizing his throne.
01:01 The empress: Are you still distrusting me?
01:17 The empress: Your Majesty, please accept your wife's greeting.
01:22 The minister: Your Majesty (the previous emperor)! With your spirit in the heaven, have you seen, the dirty deal!
01:48 The empress: Uncle really knows how to please a woman.
02:05 The empress: Pei Hong dies because of me.
02:08 The emperor: If you were having second thought, I could just pardon him right now.
The empress: No!

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Saturday, July 08, 2006

Update on soundtrack of The Banquet.

Jane Zhang Lianying and "I Repay Love With All I Have"

Zhou Xun and Jane Zhang Liangying

The two songs unveiled thus far, "Song of the Yue People" (vocals by Tenger in one version and Zhou Xun in another) and "I Repay Love With All I Have" (vocals by Jane Zhang Liangying) are just so marvelous, the comparisons to Tan Dun's previous work, especially the Academy award-winning Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon are inevitable. For my ears, this latest work appeals even more.

Not that any of this was altogether unexpected. The soundtrack for The Banquet is a dream lineup of talent, the most interesting musical collaboration in Chinese cinema by far, and the results are already apparent. Accompanied by world famous concert pianist Lang Lang, Jane Zhang Liangying reveals once again why she was quickly signed up for a major contract by Huayi Bros, the producers of the The Banquet. According to the reports, Jane Zhang Liangying's song, "I Repay Love With All I Have" has been reserved for the end of the film, kicking in with the closing credits.

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