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Peter Chan : "My greatest regret is Takeshi Kaneshiro wasn't nominated"

Perhaps Love and Seven Swords have been listed as number one for this coming HK Film Awards, each being nominated in 11 categories. When the reporter phoned Peter Chen and congratulated him, he said he was not too overly excited. "We'll talk about my feelings after I get the award...actually, I am willing to exchange my 11 nominations for the nomination of Takeshi for Best Actor award. His not being nominated is my greatest regret."

Takeshi Kaneshiro in Perhaps Love

It appears that the 11 nominations sounds familiar. For Comrades Almost a Love Story, He’s a Woman, She’s a Man, Three 2 also received 11 awards. “The results are all different. Comrades Almost a Love Story received 9 awards. He’s a Woman, She’s a Man only earned the best actress and Three didn’t get anything. So if none of these 11 nominations materialize this time, I would not be surprised. Besides, making the movie and studying the box office figures are tiring me already. I don’t need to add more pressure to this question of awards.”

Out of the 11 awards, Peter Chan would like most the Best Editing Award.” Usually the best editing award belongs to action movies. But for drama, it is even more difficult to edit. The slower the shot, the harder to control. When Comrades, Almost a Love Story was nominated for 11 awards, it didn’t have the best editing award nomination. And since this time, Perhaps Love has received this nomination, I naturally would like this award most.”

But apart from the 11 awards, Peter Chan wishes most that Takeshi be recognized. “His not being nominated is my greatest regret. While making Perhaps Love, I often told Zhou Xun that as a director, she as the main female lead, we are having passing grades. But Takeshi is the best in this movie.” Peter, who would have preferred that Takeshi alone be nominated, said, “Those who like Perhaps Love, and those who understood this movie, the one they affirm naturally is Takeshi.” As to Zhou Xun being nominated for this award following her winning the Best Actress from the Hong Kong Film Critics Society, Peter Chan believed, “Of course Zhou Xun performed very well too. Her performance is straight forward and the judges could understand her acting skills. I’m afraid they might not have understood Perhaps Love fully.”

Surprisingly, out of the five nominated Best Film for this event, Peter Chan’s favorite movie is not Perhaps Love. “If I choose among the five, I like Andrew Lau’s Initial D the best. He expressed very well an imaginary world.” As for his favorite film in 2005, he also expressed his regret again, “I like S.P.L. the best. I thought this film might be nominated but in the end it didn’t get anything.”

Translated by Kimurafan :

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