Monday, January 09, 2006

Shooting of "The Banquet" wrapped up

2006-01-09 15:42:15
CRI Exlclusive--Famous Chinese director Feng Xiaogang's first martial-arts epic "The Banquet" has finished shooting Sunday in Beijing.

The film's cast and crew held a brief and low-key closing ceremony at a hotel in Beijing on Sunday without the appearance of any media.   

The cast members traveled through Inner Mongolia in northeast China, Zhejiang province in the southeast, among other locations, during the four-month shooting. They finally came back to Beijing and spent the New Year in their Beijing film studio.

Feng Xiaogang said that he would focus on the post-editing of the film later in the month. The blockbuster production, which cost 15 million dollars to make, is scheduled to hit Chinese screens in October.  

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