Thursday, January 19, 2006

Perhaps Love OST

This soundtrack for the musical “Perhaps Love” features songs sung by Hong Kong singer Jacky Cheung, Japanese-Taiwanese Kaneshiro Takeshi, Mainland Chinese actress Zhou Xun and Korean actor Ji Jin Hee.

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Track list

12.The World Out There(radio mix).
11. What If.TakeshiKaneshiro
09.Men Are Born Jealous.JackyCheung-JiJinHee
08.The World Out There.ZhouXun
07.You Do Lov Me.JackyCheung
06. A Beautiful Story.JiJinHee-TakeshiKaneshi.
05.Wai MianDe Shi Jie
04.Who Are You.TakeshiKaneshiro-ZhouXun
03.Life's Montage.JiJinHee
01.Perhaps Love.JackyCheung

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