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Love Happens - Takeshi Kaneshiro !

TOUCH magazine (Hong Kong) Issue 46 Nov, 05
Translated by Yen Aikawa - Credits to

Takeshi Kaneshiro, a mysterious person, not acting in too many films, but he is still popular, his appearance will always be the spotlight. Simple life, not going out for night life, has no gossips, his hobbies are reading books, playing video games, producing and making his own websites, and even cooking, he is living in his own world.

Just like what that the Director Peter Ho-Sun Chan said: “I don’t know him very well, but I felt that he’s the actor who still can be the most mysterious actor until now. He is very reserved, he’s not talkative within the shooting periods, but this is the character of ‘Perhaps Love’ - Lin Jian Dong’s true color. Lin Jian Dong had a painful love experience, is a quiet person, after I saw Takeshi, I felt that he is a match with the Lin’s characteristic, Takeshi is showing out himself with the feel of sorrows, with this, then that’s the character that we can see in the movie.”

A person who lives in his own world, has his own way to dealing with things, but the thing that most of us want to know are, how he will find out that the love will be around him with his own way? In the previous interview with ‘Bazaar’ (Asia edition), he break his rule to talk about his inner world that he has never reveals to any media.

I Don’t Have Many Friends

A quite person doesn’t mean that he will not have many friends. However, for a freedom-lover, who loves to live freely, will always have to pay for the price of freedom by maybe not having many friends. “ I don’t have many friends that I can truly have a talk with, is not the personalities problems, but it is just only the working time in Japan is longer, in the meanwhile having the less chance to keep in touch with the friends in Taiwan. There are some friends in the working field too. But people always have two faces, inner and outlook. If really want to be closer then you got to spend more time to chat with the person, but I’m busy and rush, I can’t afford to spend the time to chat. ”

He wants to be alone but in the same time wanted to make friends too, it is difficult to figure out any ways to make these two things happen in the same time and perfectly, but until the usage of internet had become common. “Whenever I’m free in home, I’ll play online games, and I met some friends, but I never see them before, and I didn’t reveal my true identity to them, and even I tell them about my identity, they’ll just think that I’m bullshiting. I’m really enjoyed in the internet as everybody is equal, I felt that I’m helping myself to change another face, everybody don’t know who am I, then I can go eat at the roadside food stall, when I’ve got nothing to do then I can observe the actions of the pedestrians, it’s enjoyable.”

Takeshi Kaneshiro’s friends are not many, but he really does care his friends, even can feel it from a small thing. During the filming period of ‘Perhaps Love’, director had invited him to eat together, but he declined, as he had promised to meet his net friends online, he don’t want to break the promise. The answer is a bit silly, but he answered with a sure! But too bad are his friends will never know that the international superstar Takeshi Kaneshiro is so care about them.


From the beginning of his star life, Takeshi Kaneshiro is always has a smooth life during his star life, he never experienced in any hard days, and he also admit with it. “I’m always felt that I’m very lucky, I’d never work very hard and I can have today’s success.” Besides of his career never experienced any ups and downs, and even his love life is also low profile, the whole Hong Kong, Taiwan and Japan reporters, paparazzi, had never successful to shoot any pictures that he’s hanging on the streets, or go clubbing, the reason is very simple, that’s because he really don’t step out from home. With this attitude, it links to the opinion of his love and marriage. “If one day want to get marry and has a child, I’ll believe that I’m a person who really care for the family, I’ll cook everyday, and I’ll help in doing housework, and look after the kids.” If this conversation was said by you and me will be a sure, but it said by Takeshi then it will be a shock, this mood which looking to the simple life, it will be like Faye Wong that who’s pregnant and still buying new furniture for new home in the furniture shop.

Trying for crying scene

‘Perhaps Love’ is a musical movie, Takeshi had been a singer, and even went into Hong Kong music field, singing will not be a problem for him, and even dance, because of has replacement dancer, then it will also not a problem for him. The most difficult scene for him is the crying scene. “I’m playing a man which had a deep love to his lover, too deep until he wants to revenge his lover, this is not physically mania, but it’s only too stubborn on love.” Takeshi’s outlook, just looks like he’s a person has full emotions, and a pair of attractive eyes, crying should not be difficult to him, but the crying scene has been annoyed him for few days. “I’m always worry, worries that I can’t cry in front of the camera. At last, the crying scene shooting day had came, the whole day I’m forcing myself to fill with the sad emotion, the result is this way really useful, I’d cried, even director had shouted “Cut”, my emotions had not been recovered. Perhaps this crying scene is a stress for him, after this scene, he felt like he’d finished the movie,and became relax.

For this crying scene, Peter Ho-Sun Chan had a good comment. “That crying scene is the end of the movie, it’s saying that Takeshi is saying goodbye to his lover, after he’s ready then he had cried, I’d never expected so fast that he’ll put himself into the character and emotion, just roll on the camera already showed the sorrow and pain, this scene really counts on him. His tears had let the audiences felt the sorrows and pains.”

Making the most touching scenes

The movie goes by in 10 years before, Lim Jian Dong from Hong Kong went to Beijing to study about Films and Movies, he met a poor and pity girl – Sun Na, they felt in love, but Sun Na wants to become as a movie star, she left Jian Dong, and go for the famous manager – Nie Wen who will can help her to become a famous movie star, her actions had hurt Jian Dong. After 10 years, Lim and Sun had became superstars, Nie Wen wanted Sun’s career to be better, he had decided to film a movie about the circus, and Lim and Sun will be the main actor and actress for the movie. The relationships about three persons among them in the movie are complicated, and so do in their reality lives.

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