Wednesday, January 18, 2006

"The Banquet" Will Contend Oscar

2006-01-18 13:26:05 CRI Exclusive
CRI Exclusive by Li Rui - Director Feng Xiaogang(冯小刚)'s new movie, "The Banquet"(夜宴), has wrapped up shooting recently. It will contend for an Oscar later this year.

Feng Xiaogang is well known for his series of New Year's films(贺岁片), such as "Be There or Be Square"(不见不散), and "A World Without Thieves"(天下无贼) among others. However, this time, Feng hasn’t released "The Banquet" in time for Chinese New Year raising some doubts.

President of Hua Yi Brother, Mr. Wang Zhonglei(王中磊) has revealed the new movie will enter the competition for an Oscar. "We are working to ensure 'The Banquet' can take part in Oscar later this year." Moreover, the new movie’s cast members are all cinema professionals. They will help Feng Xiaogang bring his films to a world audience.

"The Banquet" will first be seen in September and hit Chinese screens during summer vacation. Some insiders and lucky audiences can enjoy it in early screenings.

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