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Happy Lunar New Year !

Happy Lunar New Year !

Wish you have a new year: Busy in work - Crazy in love - Lucky in Game - Strong in Life - Money in Pocket - Never Sad - Always Fun.

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Thursday, January 26, 2006

V9 Candy's Gifs !

Do you watch clips of V9 Candy's advertisment ? Xun was really cute in these clips. I made some gifs from these! All gifs made by myself. They are free to use but remember to credit me!

Remeber this line: Credit to Speed -

Here you are ! Enjoy !


V9 Candy's advertisment !


800x600 - 1024x768 800x600 - 1024x768

800x600 - 1024x768 800x600 - 1024x768


Clip 1: Run - Compress: .rar . Size: ~ 5MB

Clip 2: Buv - Compress: .rar . Size: ~ 5MB

Clip 3: Zhuwei - Compress: .rar . Size: ~ 5MB

Xun_1 - Compress: .rar - Xun_2 - Compress: .rar .


Zhou Xun signed a new contract with H.Brother media group!

Evening January 23, 2006 - After chatting with her fans in Sina's VIP chat room, Zhou Xun held a conference to proclaim: She officially signed a new contract with H.Brothers media group.

Since Zhou Xun parted with agent company and mainland well-known manager Li Xiaowan in August 2005, there were many rumors about her new manager. Some newpapers said that her boyfriend Li Da Qi would become her manager.

The conference was directed by famous MC Liu Yiwei, famous director Feng Xiao Gang, Zhang Zi Zhong ... and many famous star arrived to congratulate.

Video (source: clip I - clip II


Zhou Xun chat with fans on Junuary 23, 2006

Zhou Xun had a chat show in Sina's VIP room with her fans on on Junuary 23th, 2006.

Download : part 1 - part 2 - part 3 and more


Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Runaway NaNa - 2005 !

Title: MingMing aka Runaway Nana
Cast: Daniel Wu, Zhou Xun, Yang Yo Ning, Huang Qing
Country: Hong Kong
Start Filming Date: March 24, 2005
Sina page:
More news and pix (in vietnamese):

This film Runaway Nana 走佬 Nana is by Daniel Wu, Zhou Xun 周迅 , Yang Yo Ning 楊祐寧, Huang Qing 黃卿. Daniel has already grown his hair long for Long Hate Song but for this movie, he has to grow it even more to play the role of a mysterious boxer.

Zhou Xun will be filming for 9 days for this movie and then fly to Shanghai to continue. In April, she will continue with PERHAPS LOVE with Takeshi Kaneshiro.

MingMing (ZhouXun) is a 21st Century martial arts princess and lady Robin Hood who steals for love. Her Prince Charming is D (Daniel Wu), a maverick fighter and irresistible rogue who posted this challenge to his swarms of female admirers - give him 5 million dollars and he'll run away with his benefactress.

MingMing loses no time to rob Underworld boss Cat (Jeff Chang). While fleeing from Cat's henchmen. MingMing runs into Nana (also played by Zhou Xun). Not only is Nana a virtual look-alike of MingMing, she is also one of the D's girlfriends. MingMing make Nana to scapegoat for her theft. However, MingMing's secret admirer Tu (Tony Yang) mistakes Nana for her, an becomes her guardian angel.

Just as thi identity mix-up is taking place. D disappears from Shanghai without a trace. The only clue he leaves behind is a cryptic phone message. The two girls search all four corners of the sprawling city but are left dismayed an disappointed. Even more dejected is Tu, who realizes that he means nothing to his goddess.

As four lost souls weave in and out of each other's live in the maze-like metropolis, the dark forces of Cat are closing in on them.

At this critical moment ...




"Beijing Youth Weekly" magazine's yearly awards

On January 19, 2006 - "Bejing Youth Weekly" magazine's yearly awards ceremony was held . Zhou Xun & Xu Jing Lei won the "2005 Beijing Youth Weekly Most Popular Magazine-cover Star" award. Congratulation !

Images from !


Friday, January 20, 2006

If Music be the Food of Love: Perhaps Love

Bittersweet love stories are what Peter Ho-Sun Chan does best, as perfectly exhibited by the nine Hong Kong Film Awards win in 1996 for Comrades, Almost a Love Story (sometimes also credited as Tian Mi Mi) starring Leon Lai (Seven Swords, Heroic Duo) and Maggie Cheung (In The Mood for Love, Clean). He returns as a director in Perhaps Love, the first musical to be produced in China in more than 30 years, currently Hong Kong’s contender for this year’s Oscar Foreign Film entry, after a 2-year absence in the director’s chair in exchange for the role of producer for a number of films, namely that of the horror genre. For this latest offering, Chan employed the talents of upcoming Chinese actress, Zhou Xun, Asian heartthrobs Takeshi Kaneshiro and Ji Jin Hee as well as Hong Kong cantopop superstar, Jacky Cheung.

Perhaps Love explores the darker connotations attached to the complicated notions of love: selfishness, hate, obsession, bitterness and desperation that are intermingled with emotions of love and affection. Nie Wen (Jacky Cheung), a somewhat fledging director is trying to make a comeback film to prove that he is the celebrated auteur deserving of previous praises. Casting his long-time partner, Sun Na (Zhao Xun) in the leading role, he is prepared to film a musical Romeo and Juliet set within the colourful world of the circus. The character of the girl, having lost her memory, has joined the circus and has fallen in love with the circus master. But she bumps into her old lover, who tries to win her affection from the circus master and remind her of their past. To play the role of the lover, Nie Wen cast popular Hong Kong actor, Lin Jian Dong (Takeshi Kaneshiro).

However, unbeknownst to him, Sun Na and Lin Jian Dong had a previous relationship while they were struggling students in Beijing a decade earlier. Discontent with the life they lead, Sun Na jilted Lin Jian Dong and left Beijing in search of fame and fortune. At the same time, when the role of the circus master fails to be cast by the actor Nie Wen wants, he casts himself into the role, unwittingly working out the relationship of his lover and the actor he hired through the film he was trying to make. It is through the making of the film, and the intermeshing of his real life and his film that he writes and rewrites the outcome of the story. Korean actor, Ji Jin-hee, who had to learn how to sing in Mandarin for the film, plays multiple roles throughout the film - as a narrator for the audience and as mysterious ‘guardian angels’ to both Sun Na and Nie Wen. Just as his various roles remind the characters of the emotions they repressed, his presence reminds the audience that we are watching a film within a film.

Unlike other musicals like Moulin Rouge, the characters in Perhaps Love do not suddenly break into song. That is, the music does not tell the story or move the plot along. Rather it is the characters that these characters play in the film they are trying to make who sing and dance. The music further emotes what the characters are feeling in making the film and in playing the characters each have been cast to play. Therefore, rather than alienate audiences who might not be used to musicals where characters just burst into song at any given moment, the songs draw the audience further into the jumbled emotions of pain, hate, obsession and desperation the characters inflict on one another.

Furthermore, the audience is also told the story of Lin Jian Dong and Sun Na’s love affair through flashbacks that are further intensified by the different techniques of cinematographers Christopher Doyle and Peter Pau. Doyle filmed the Beijing scenes in stark white, reflecting the coldness of winter and the barrenness of their lives, possibly a shadowing of Sun Na and Lin Jian Dong’s relationship while Pau dressed the Shanghai sets with warm greens and fiery reds. The circus atmosphere is heightened through the dancing, choreographed by Farah Khan, who was also the choreographer for the West End musical Bombay Dreams.

To solely dub Perhaps Love as merely a musical would be a gross understatement. While all the actors get to show their vocal prowess in further emoting their character’s conflicting desires, it is Jacky Cheung, who had spent nearly the last decade producing and acting in his own musical, who stole the show once he begins to sing. However, Peter Chan manages to make Perhaps Love more than just a musical – he manages to explore the bitter side of a bittersweet love affair long gone, without giving in to theatrical endings (as the premise of the musical Nie Wen is trying to make gives him ample space for theatrics). In fact, the film feels like a perfect accompaniment to Chan’s most famous work to date, Comrades, Almost a Love Story.

Bertha Chin in Singapore - Rating: ****


Thursday, January 19, 2006

Perhaps Love OST

This soundtrack for the musical “Perhaps Love” features songs sung by Hong Kong singer Jacky Cheung, Japanese-Taiwanese Kaneshiro Takeshi, Mainland Chinese actress Zhou Xun and Korean actor Ji Jin Hee.

Please do not post direct link in others site, if you want to share with your friend, please give him/her the link of my blog. Thanks. To download, right click in the link and save target as ...

Track list

12.The World Out There(radio mix).
11. What If.TakeshiKaneshiro
09.Men Are Born Jealous.JackyCheung-JiJinHee
08.The World Out There.ZhouXun
07.You Do Lov Me.JackyCheung
06. A Beautiful Story.JiJinHee-TakeshiKaneshi.
05.Wai MianDe Shi Jie
04.Who Are You.TakeshiKaneshiro-ZhouXun
03.Life's Montage.JiJinHee
01.Perhaps Love.JackyCheung


Wednesday, January 18, 2006

"The Banquet" Will Contend Oscar

2006-01-18 13:26:05 CRI Exclusive
CRI Exclusive by Li Rui - Director Feng Xiaogang(冯小刚)'s new movie, "The Banquet"(夜宴), has wrapped up shooting recently. It will contend for an Oscar later this year.

Feng Xiaogang is well known for his series of New Year's films(贺岁片), such as "Be There or Be Square"(不见不散), and "A World Without Thieves"(天下无贼) among others. However, this time, Feng hasn’t released "The Banquet" in time for Chinese New Year raising some doubts.

President of Hua Yi Brother, Mr. Wang Zhonglei(王中磊) has revealed the new movie will enter the competition for an Oscar. "We are working to ensure 'The Banquet' can take part in Oscar later this year." Moreover, the new movie’s cast members are all cinema professionals. They will help Feng Xiaogang bring his films to a world audience.

"The Banquet" will first be seen in September and hit Chinese screens during summer vacation. Some insiders and lucky audiences can enjoy it in early screenings.


Monday, January 16, 2006

Best Actress in the 12th Hong Kong Film Critics Society Awards

Article: January 17, 2006

The 12th Hong Kong Film Critics Society Awards list has been announced and the winner for this year's Best Actor went to Tony Leung Ka Fai of Everlasting Regret, and Best Actress went to Zhou Xun of Perhaps Love.

In the Best Director's category, the competition was fierce especially among Johnnie To for his movie Election, Peter Chan for Perhaps Love and Tsui Hark's Seven Swords. The winner was four time winner Johnnie To. Election was also voted as the Best Movie of the year.

Johnnie To was very pleased and said, "Thank you, judges, this prize does not belong to myself but the work of all of us. I hope that in future we would work even better and help rescue the film industry."

Tony Leung Ka Fai who starred as a lovelorn man in Everlasting Regret won the best actor award, and beat his competion Simon Yam, Anthony Wong, Chapman To and etc. This was his first time receiving this award from this organization and on the phone he said, "I would attend the award ceremony and I hope I could be nominated for the other Best Actor awards. It's been a long time since I have won such an award. I couldn't even remember when was the last time. In any case, I feel I have not wasted my effort and I would continue to perform each role well."

Zhou Xun won the Best Actress Award, beat rivals Karen Mo and Karena Lam with her wonderful turn in "Perhaps Love"and this was the first time she received such an award from this organization.


Read more... awards: The actress of year !

The saturated awards season has begun with the coming of New Year. And famous online portal has also joined in to award their best of the year.

Celebrities from media, business and, of course, the entertainment industry attended the grand ceremony held last night in Beijing.

Organized by, the “Internet Grand Award” is closely related to the internet and the cyber media. Not only are the award winners largely decided by netizens’ votes; but also many of the awards are internet exclusive.   

In "actress of year" award, there were 3 actresses nominated: Zhou Xun with Perhaps Love, Baober in Love .... ; Zhang Zi Yi with Jasmine Women; Li Bing Bing with The world without thieves .... And the winner was Zhou Xun - The actress of year - Award of famous entertaiment network

Want to know more about others awards, please click here: Awards 2005's Efforts

Zhou Xun was in the grand ceremony!

Video: Part I - Part II
Images - Source from:

Another article in !
Sina awards entertainers
01-16-2006 15:34

China's top website Sina has announced the awards for this year's most popular entertainers, with winners chosen via Internet polling. The star-studded gala was held on Tuesday at Beijing's Century Theater.

Pop idol Andy Lau was the biggest winner, snatching the ceremony's most coveted awards: "Best Male Singer" and "Best Actor". The prizes are a testimony to his popularity among internet users old and young.

Super Girls Li Yuchun and Zhang Liangying walked away with the Most Popular Newcomer honours.

Zhou Xun scooped "Best Actress Award" for her role in the New Year musical "Perhaps Love", while the "Best Female Singer" went to Hong Kong's Joey Yung.

A special award was unusually won by a fictitious character who goes by the name of "Cell Phone Xiao Qiang". Xiao Qiang often greets mobile phone users with funny words or songs, instead of the monotonous rings we generally expect to hear when making calls. Xiao Qiang is voiced by a team of people, many of whom are staff members working at the Internet Cell Phone Ring station.

This is the second year that Sina has presented awards to its favourite entertainers.


Saturday, January 14, 2006

Love Happens - Takeshi Kaneshiro !

TOUCH magazine (Hong Kong) Issue 46 Nov, 05
Translated by Yen Aikawa - Credits to

Takeshi Kaneshiro, a mysterious person, not acting in too many films, but he is still popular, his appearance will always be the spotlight. Simple life, not going out for night life, has no gossips, his hobbies are reading books, playing video games, producing and making his own websites, and even cooking, he is living in his own world.

Just like what that the Director Peter Ho-Sun Chan said: “I don’t know him very well, but I felt that he’s the actor who still can be the most mysterious actor until now. He is very reserved, he’s not talkative within the shooting periods, but this is the character of ‘Perhaps Love’ - Lin Jian Dong’s true color. Lin Jian Dong had a painful love experience, is a quiet person, after I saw Takeshi, I felt that he is a match with the Lin’s characteristic, Takeshi is showing out himself with the feel of sorrows, with this, then that’s the character that we can see in the movie.”

A person who lives in his own world, has his own way to dealing with things, but the thing that most of us want to know are, how he will find out that the love will be around him with his own way? In the previous interview with ‘Bazaar’ (Asia edition), he break his rule to talk about his inner world that he has never reveals to any media.

I Don’t Have Many Friends

A quite person doesn’t mean that he will not have many friends. However, for a freedom-lover, who loves to live freely, will always have to pay for the price of freedom by maybe not having many friends. “ I don’t have many friends that I can truly have a talk with, is not the personalities problems, but it is just only the working time in Japan is longer, in the meanwhile having the less chance to keep in touch with the friends in Taiwan. There are some friends in the working field too. But people always have two faces, inner and outlook. If really want to be closer then you got to spend more time to chat with the person, but I’m busy and rush, I can’t afford to spend the time to chat. ”

He wants to be alone but in the same time wanted to make friends too, it is difficult to figure out any ways to make these two things happen in the same time and perfectly, but until the usage of internet had become common. “Whenever I’m free in home, I’ll play online games, and I met some friends, but I never see them before, and I didn’t reveal my true identity to them, and even I tell them about my identity, they’ll just think that I’m bullshiting. I’m really enjoyed in the internet as everybody is equal, I felt that I’m helping myself to change another face, everybody don’t know who am I, then I can go eat at the roadside food stall, when I’ve got nothing to do then I can observe the actions of the pedestrians, it’s enjoyable.”

Takeshi Kaneshiro’s friends are not many, but he really does care his friends, even can feel it from a small thing. During the filming period of ‘Perhaps Love’, director had invited him to eat together, but he declined, as he had promised to meet his net friends online, he don’t want to break the promise. The answer is a bit silly, but he answered with a sure! But too bad are his friends will never know that the international superstar Takeshi Kaneshiro is so care about them.


From the beginning of his star life, Takeshi Kaneshiro is always has a smooth life during his star life, he never experienced in any hard days, and he also admit with it. “I’m always felt that I’m very lucky, I’d never work very hard and I can have today’s success.” Besides of his career never experienced any ups and downs, and even his love life is also low profile, the whole Hong Kong, Taiwan and Japan reporters, paparazzi, had never successful to shoot any pictures that he’s hanging on the streets, or go clubbing, the reason is very simple, that’s because he really don’t step out from home. With this attitude, it links to the opinion of his love and marriage. “If one day want to get marry and has a child, I’ll believe that I’m a person who really care for the family, I’ll cook everyday, and I’ll help in doing housework, and look after the kids.” If this conversation was said by you and me will be a sure, but it said by Takeshi then it will be a shock, this mood which looking to the simple life, it will be like Faye Wong that who’s pregnant and still buying new furniture for new home in the furniture shop.

Trying for crying scene

‘Perhaps Love’ is a musical movie, Takeshi had been a singer, and even went into Hong Kong music field, singing will not be a problem for him, and even dance, because of has replacement dancer, then it will also not a problem for him. The most difficult scene for him is the crying scene. “I’m playing a man which had a deep love to his lover, too deep until he wants to revenge his lover, this is not physically mania, but it’s only too stubborn on love.” Takeshi’s outlook, just looks like he’s a person has full emotions, and a pair of attractive eyes, crying should not be difficult to him, but the crying scene has been annoyed him for few days. “I’m always worry, worries that I can’t cry in front of the camera. At last, the crying scene shooting day had came, the whole day I’m forcing myself to fill with the sad emotion, the result is this way really useful, I’d cried, even director had shouted “Cut”, my emotions had not been recovered. Perhaps this crying scene is a stress for him, after this scene, he felt like he’d finished the movie,and became relax.

For this crying scene, Peter Ho-Sun Chan had a good comment. “That crying scene is the end of the movie, it’s saying that Takeshi is saying goodbye to his lover, after he’s ready then he had cried, I’d never expected so fast that he’ll put himself into the character and emotion, just roll on the camera already showed the sorrow and pain, this scene really counts on him. His tears had let the audiences felt the sorrows and pains.”

Making the most touching scenes

The movie goes by in 10 years before, Lim Jian Dong from Hong Kong went to Beijing to study about Films and Movies, he met a poor and pity girl – Sun Na, they felt in love, but Sun Na wants to become as a movie star, she left Jian Dong, and go for the famous manager – Nie Wen who will can help her to become a famous movie star, her actions had hurt Jian Dong. After 10 years, Lim and Sun had became superstars, Nie Wen wanted Sun’s career to be better, he had decided to film a movie about the circus, and Lim and Sun will be the main actor and actress for the movie. The relationships about three persons among them in the movie are complicated, and so do in their reality lives.


Friday, January 13, 2006

Play it again, but with music and in Chinese

By Sonia Kolesnikov-Jessop International Herald Tribune

SINGAPORE The Hong Kong-born film director Peter Ho-Sun Chan has remade his favorite film, "Casablanca," several times - in his head. Indeed, the complex relationships among the characters played by Ingrid Bergman (Ilsa), Paul Henreid (her husband) and Humphrey Bogart (her past lover) in the classic 1942 movie inspired his 1997 award-winning "Comrades: Almost a Love Story." Now its theme of love lost is at the heart of his latest film, "Perhaps Love."


The $10 million production, the first Chinese-language musical in 40 years, closed the Venice Film Festival and is Hong Kong's entry for an Oscar nomination in the best foreign film category.

Set in present-day Shanghai, "Perhaps Love" tells the story of a love triangle between a film director (Jacky Cheung), his leading lady and lover (Zhou Xun) and her former lover (Takeshi Kaneshiro), with whom she is co-starring in a musical. The movie-within-the-movie subplot is about an amnesiac female trapeze artist living with the circus director and confronted by her old lover, who is hoping to reignite an old flame.

"I always, constantly, bring myself back to the one movie I enjoy rewatching, 'Casablanca,' without people knowing I have been remaking the same movie a few times," he said in an interview while he was promoting the movie in Singapore. "When I watch 'Casablanca,' the character I get most engrossed with is not Bogart's, but that of the husband."

While some Chinese directors have made their names with gangster films or historical martial arts epics, Chan has concentrated on relationship movies. Shot in Beijing and Shanghai, "Perhaps Love" has spectacular set designs brought to life by the Australian cinematographer Christopher Doyle ("In the Mood for Love," "Hero") and the Oscar winner Peter Pau Tak-hei ("Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon"), along with exuberant, colorful circus scenes by the Bollywood choreographer Farah Khan ("Monsoon Wedding").

"I told Farah it was really a drama, not a musical. I didn't want scenes that would steal the show away from the drama; I wanted them to enhance the feeling," Chan said.

If Chan believes he was an unlikely choice to direct a musical, the film's producer, André Morgan, disagrees. "When you look at the body of his work, like 'He's a Woman' and 'Comrades,' the music component of those films is used in a far more sophisticated way than the average Chinese director," Morgan said. "His utilization of music, both by way of underscore and using songs from periods that are evocative of the emotion of that period, is unique in Asia."

Still, Chan clearly felt he did not want to make a film musical. "I wanted to make a movie where people sing legitimately, which is why I'm using the method of a film within a film. If there is anything that this film is like, I would compare it to 'Cabaret,' not in terms of story but in terms of pacing. 'Cabaret' is a very narrative-driven story, and there is about 25 percent of screen time devoted to the things on the stage, and it's totally disconnected from the storytelling but it helps enhance the emotions you've just seen. And that's exactly what I was trying to achieve."

Born in 1962, Chan spent his teens in Bangkok, knowing he wanted to direct films like his father. After studying in Los Angeles, he returned to Hong Kong in 1983, a time when the local film industry was booming. He worked his way up from assistant director to John Woo to production manager on several Jackie Chan films before becoming a producer. His directorial debut, "Alan and Eric: Between Hello and Goodbye," was crowned best film at the Hong Kong Film Directors' Guild in 1991. Other critical and commercial successes followed: "He's a Woman, She's a Man" and "Comrades."

All along, Chan kept a firm foot in producing, "a must," he says, for any Chinese director who wants to protect his work "from the system."

In the early 1990s he co-founded United Filmmakers Organisation, which he has since left, and in 2000 he co-founded Applause Pictures, a pan-Asian production house that aims to encourage the exchange of talent on both sides of the camera. To date, it has worked with some of Asia's best film-making talents, like the Thai director Nonzee Nimibutr (of the horror film "Nang Nak" fame), the Pang Brothers and the Korean director Hur Jin Ho.

Chan has strong views about the state of the Hong Kong and Chinese film industry, and "Perhaps Love" is partly a commentary on that, from scenes of a Chinese mainland director dealing with a Hong Kong producer to a star refusing to attend a press conference unless he gets a check upfront.

"Jacky's role does mirror a mainland director's specific situation," Chan said. "Many are also struggling now with the reality of making commercial films. In the last 40 years, they didn't have to deal with what audiences liked; they just had to deal with the state. But the industry is finally changing."


Thursday, January 12, 2006

The Banquet hold a banquet !

January 11, 2006 - MonkeyPeachs !

The four month long principal shooting of Feng Xiaogang's The Banquet just ended last Friday with a "banquet" at Beijing's Peace Hotel. Director Feng Xiaogang said he would begin working on the lengthy post-production, including spending five months on creating the CG effects with Technicolor's Toronto-based visual effects team. The film would be released in China this October. A 20-minute trailer will be shown during the coming Cannes Film Festival and special screening at Toronto International Film Festival and Venice International Film Festival this September is also planned.

Video clips : Part I - Part II
Pics: pix I - pix II

Huang Xiao Ming - Zhang Zi Yi - Zhou Xun


Monday, January 09, 2006

Shooting of "The Banquet" wrapped up

2006-01-09 15:42:15
CRI Exlclusive--Famous Chinese director Feng Xiaogang's first martial-arts epic "The Banquet" has finished shooting Sunday in Beijing.

The film's cast and crew held a brief and low-key closing ceremony at a hotel in Beijing on Sunday without the appearance of any media.   

The cast members traveled through Inner Mongolia in northeast China, Zhejiang province in the southeast, among other locations, during the four-month shooting. They finally came back to Beijing and spent the New Year in their Beijing film studio.

Feng Xiaogang said that he would focus on the post-editing of the film later in the month. The blockbuster production, which cost 15 million dollars to make, is scheduled to hit Chinese screens in October.  


Friday, January 06, 2006

Zhou Xun's short break !

Yesterday (January 6th,2006) Zhou Xun, her boyfriend Li Da Qi and her co-star in The Banquet Dianel Wu with his girl friend Lisa S had a short break. Two couples went to a local theater in Bejing to enjoy an opera and were recognized by audiences.

Zhou Xun and Dianel Wu is filming The Banquet , a Feng Xiao Gang film in Bejing. After finishing promoted jouney for Perhaps Love, Zhou Xun came back to The Banquet's film studio on December 30 2005 to continue her lastest work.

Download or watch online: Zhou Xun had a short break in local theater
Image & Video source :

Zhou Xun and her boyfriend Li Da Qi in the theater


Stills of The Banquet !

Some stills of The Banquet - Source:,, ...

Click the link to view others stills
- Set of The Banquet: A B C D E F
- Dainel Wu : A B C D
- The others: A B C D


News Updated on The Banquet!

There were some old news about The Banquet - the latest film of Zhou Xun.

November 25th, 2005 - Pictures from the set of The Banquet, as constructed in the Anji bamboo forest near the city of Hangzhou in Zhejiang province. (Parts of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon were also filmed in this forest.) In the story, the Crown Prince (Daniel Wu) leaves the royal palace after his father is killed by the new Emperor. He flees to this forest retreat to lead a life immersed in the arts, until he gathers the courage to seek revenge. Below is the set along with various characters in costume, including black knights, an artisan, and singers.

And a brief synopsis:

At the end of the Tang dynasty warlords once again divide the country into feudal kingdoms, and proclaim themselves kings and emporers. The emporer of one of these kingdoms dies suddenly, and his brother (Ge You) ascends to the throne. Impiously he takes the widowed, beautiful young empress (Zhang Ziyi) for himself. Although by rites she is the stepmother of the dead emperor's son, the prince regent (Dainel Wu), the prince and her grew up together as children and would have married if she had not been selected as the empress. The prince is not an ambitious man, prefering instead the life of an artist, but he suspects that his uncle, the new emperor, may have had a hand in his father's death. The desire for revenge combined with the empress's wish for him to unseat his uncle and become emperor himself thrusts him on a dangerous road of rebellion and retribution.

Unbeknownst to the prince and his uncle, a powerful court official has also long coveted the throne and the empress. He too schemes to become the emporer. His daughter (Zhou Xun) however loves the prince, and seeks to help him against the wishes of her clan. The official's son (Huang Xiao Ming) has also been thrown into the chaotic struggle, to protect his naive sister and the honor of his family.

Source from:


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Perhaps Love's Animations II

Here some animations I made from Perhaps Love video, MV Clips ... I love this movie

[Image] [Image]

Kissing [Image]

[Image] [Image] [Image]

And these animations are made by takeshi's fans in

[Image] [Image]


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