Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Umbrella and Circus dance

Article: October 13, 2005
Source: http://www.takungpao.com/news/2005-10-13/UL-469313.htm

In Perhaps Love, Ji Jin Hee performed two scenes of dance - Umbrella and Circus dance.

He wore a black top hat, a strange purple velvet coat and in the cold, danced away with over 100 dancers and acrobats.

In this scene, Ji Jin Hee, who is Montage the angel, came to earth and found sadness in people's life - their comings and goings, and so he changed into different shapes and give the happy memories footage back to the pair of lovers who are drowning in the sea.

In this Umbrella scene, over 30 dancers were there and to create rain, Peter Chan brought in water trucks to create it along with a huge rainbow sign. He used over 1000 red lanterns to decorate the background. This scene cost over 6 figures.


At the end of the dance, rain became snow and Ji Jin Hee danced with light steps in the flurry of snow on the streets of Shanghai.

In the cirucs dance scene, he also danced. He remembered most that many children were on the set for this scene and they opened their palms and looked wonderous. After he made the scene, the young actors all cheered and he felt like a child again. When he went back to the hotel, he was so excited he couldn't fall asleep.

Credit: http://s2.invisionfree.com/la_creme_d_asie

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