Tuesday, December 13, 2005

The scene of the intersection is a crucial part of the movie.

Article: September 22, 2005
Source: http://yule.sohu.com/20050922/n227026510.shtml

It talks about how Takeshi and Zhou Xun first met and Zhou Xun as a young girl was attracted by the outside world and materialism. And 10 years later, she arrived where she wanted. This section is the soul of the movie and therefore it was carefully shot.


To create the 30's and 40's feel of Shanghai and its prosperity, the set along cost over a million to create. Over 50 dancers were hired and they had rehearsed for 3 weeks and they filmed it for over half a month.

Zhou Xun praised Farah, the dance choreographer for leading her and to understand the magic behind each move. Zhou Xun's outfit was rather sexy and she was asked if she was worried about it. She said, "I was very engrossed when I was shooting and I didn't even have time to recover, so why would I even have time to worry about my exposure? I trust the director and if the shots shows too much, he would tell me." While shooting, Zhou Xun encountered many different funny incidents and so when she was dubbing, while thinking back, she would suddenly laugh aloud and would shocked the ones near her and even Peter Chan.

As for Takeshi, in order to perform with a certain naivety, before shooting, he has been renting a lot of Mandarin movies from the 50's and 60's as reference. Even though he didn't dance much in this scene, but his nostalgic outfit is very eye catching.

Credit: http://s2.invisionfree.com/la_creme_d_asie

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