Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Making of "Do you love me" MV

Article: October 20, 2005
Source: http://hk.news.yahoo.com/051020/12/1hvgm.html

Jacky Cheung was making a MV for the movie Perhaps Love and the OST Gold Label spent over 7 figures for the production of this song. The main theme has Jacky Cheung singing and Zhou Xun took time out from Beijing to be the actress for the MV.


Following the instructions of the director, they continued the mood from the movie as a pair of lover. The atmosphere was sad and sorrowful. In one portion, Jacky touched Zhou Xun's face slightly but when they looked into each other's eyes, suddenly Zhou Xun could not help it and smiled. It so affected Jacky that he too started laughing aloud. The director had to NG right away. And it took another 15 minutes to get into the mood again to continue with the shoot.

Later on, Zhou Xun said that because she saw Peter Chan visiting, she was excited and couldn't focus and forgot her expression and smiled foolishly. She apologized to the workers at once.

Credit: http://s2.invisionfree.com/la_creme_d_asie

To watch the "Do you love me" Music clips , click on this link: http://www.perhapslovemovie.com/video/pl_mv2.swf

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