Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Kissing scenes in Perhaps Love

Article: 26th November 2005
Source: http://www.wenweipo.com/news.phtml?news_id=EN0511260008&cat=011EN

The main attraction of Perhaps Love are tremendous singing, dancng and the romantic love story. Especially, the passionate kiss scenes of Takeshi kaneshiro and Zhou Xun were so emotionally romantic. Peter Chan was very impressed with their performances after the 3 kiss scenes. Chan said," There were only 2 kiss scenes in the original script but we had added an extra one, after I have explained the need for this scene, both of the actors agreed and practiced the scene infront of me, thats how professional they were."

The first kiss scene took place when they were still unknown actors and it happened in their run-down home, this kiss scene lasted for a whole one minute, they kiss scene was so passionate and the actors were really into the roles. The second happened when they met after 10 years in a movie that they were making. The last kiss scene was when they were watching the playback of the movie they reminisced their past passion.

The last kiss

Also, Takeshi's water scenes, in the movie he often have insomnia caused by the heartache of love, he would numb the pain by jumping into the swimming pool. It was so emtional when he shed an underwater tear, expressing the pain he had in his unhealed heart. An addition to the scene by Takeshi himself.

Credit: http://s2.invisionfree.com/la_creme_d_asie 

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