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Damsel in charge !

December 16, 2005

She may look every inch the fragile and demure damsel in distress.But Chinese actress Zhou Xun is not as vulnerable and powerless as she appears to be. Just ask her Perhaps Love co-star, Takeshi Kaneshiro, who she 'assaulted' in one scene together. And when it came to love scenes, it was Zhou Xun, not Takeshi, who took the initiative.

The 29-year-old, who was in town last Monday to promote the movie with Takeshi and director Peter Chan, told The New Paper that her co-star was very shy throughout. 'So I was like, here I come!' she joked as she pretended to grab a person in front of her. In her enthusiasm, she even caused the Japanese-Taiwanese actor to hit his head accidentally.

'It was the scene where Sun Na (her character) was leaving Lin Jiandong (Takeshi). She had to initiate a kiss with him, and I think I went overboard with that one and knocked his head (against the bed),' she said sheepishly.

Zhou Xun made the first move during the love scenes with Takeshi Kaneshiro

But apart from the sizzle they created on screen, there weren't many sparks off the set.

Zhou Xun explained: 'He (Takeshi) is a man of few words and we didn't know each other before the movie. But he's not difficult to get along with.'

Perhaps Love, which is showing in cinemas now, is the husky-voiced star's first mainstream movie after art films like Little Chinese Seamstress and Baober In Love, and one that she almost didn't get.

In a separate interview, Peter had told The New Paper that the film investors had wanted a newbie for Sun Na, but he was certain that Zhou Xun could pull it off.

'I've always known she was a fine actress, and I saw bits of Sun Na in her after speaking to her at length.' Zhou Xun had been surprised at the offer too. 'I was actually talking to the director about another movie, and he offered me this. But I like the director a lot, so I agreed immediately.'


Next up for Zhou Xun is director Feng Xiaogang's Banquet, a loose adaptation of Hamlet, which will co-star Zhang Ziyi, Ge You and Hong Kong actor Daniel Wu.

She also recently volunteered her services to singer Jay Chou, who's a good friend of her celebrity hairstylist boyfriend Li Daqi, for his music video Besieged (Si Mian Chu Ge).

In it, Zhou Xun plays a female spy who shares a waltz and a night with the singer. She smiled at the memory: 'We were both in Venice for the film festival, and he said that I can play a female spy, so I thought it would be fun. Jay is a smart kid, we got along very well on the set.'

And since Zhou Xun just branched into singing earlier this year, has she thought of asking Jay to return the favour by helping her with a song or two? Zhou Xun laughed: 'It depends on whether he has the time.'

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