Monday, November 28, 2005

Perhaps Love: Looks and more

By LI EE KEE - Friday November 25, 2005

Just like his character Min Jong-ho in last year’s South Korean hit drama Jewel in the Palace, Ji Jin-hee is a man of few words. During a recent 15-minute phone interview with the good-looking actor, every question was met with a concise (and almost trite) answer.

The only time during the humdrum interview where he surprised us with his sense of humour was when he was asked who between co-star Takeshi Kaneshiro and he was better looking. “I am,” answered the father-to-be (his wife is expecting their first child soon). “I am manlier than he is.” Everyone burst out laughing.

Ji was calling from Hong Kong where he was promoting Perhaps Love. Ji, who is also the story’s narrator, portrays a modern day Cupid, descended on Earth to explore the meaning of love, and in the process mends the estranged relationship between two long-separated lovers.

Asked if he believes in angels (seeing that he plays one), Ji admitted that he is a believer “although I don’t think their power is great because the world has many sick and unhappy people.”

Is he happy then? “Yes, I am. There are moments when I am sad but I try to keep an optimistic outlook on things,” Ji said, adding that one of the things that makes him happy is when his work as an actor receives good comments.

Well, this 34-year-old mechanical engineering major will be delighted to know that he has been getting glowing feedback from director Peter Chan and co-star Jacky Cheung.

Chan commended on his professionalism while Cheung praised his singing skills. Ji, who learned Mandarin from scratch, delivers several Chinese numbers in the movie. “Well, he (Cheung) couldn’t possibly have said otherwise, can he?” quipped Ji. “I had the opportunity to hear him sing and he is fantastic.”

Ji’s role was initially offered to Andy Lau, who turned it down due to his busy schedule. Chan then contacted Ji, who flew to Hong Kong three days later for auditions. “It was an interesting character and I got to work with a good director and cast,” explained Ji on his reasons for accepting the part.

“I had a happy experience working with everyone and learned a lot, especially how the other actors analysed and prepared for their roles.”

Source: The Star - Malaysia

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