Friday, November 18, 2005

Ji Jin-hee Launches Asian Tour

2005-11-18 09:00:23 -
South Korean actor Ji Jin-hee left for Hong Kong on Thursday to promote the movie Perhaps Love. Perhaps Love, directed by Peter Chan, co-starring Ji, Takeshi Kaneshiro and Jacky Cheung, has been submitted to the 78th Academy Awards, in the category of Best Foreign-Language Film. The ceremony is slated for February of next year.


About nine million Hong Kong dollars was invested in the production of the movie, which opens in Hong Kong on December 8th. It is a love story about three men and one woman.

Ji will participate in a Christmas event in Hong Kong on November 18th, and make an appearance at another event celebrating the 38th anniversary of the groundbreaking broadcaster TVB on November 19th, where he will be a presenter at an awards ceremony.

Later this month, the actor will also launch the promotion of Perhaps Love along with his co-stars in Beijing and Shanghai, and will fly to Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand early next month. In January of next year, he will visit Taiwan and Japan, and stop by Korea on December 9th for three days with his co-stars.

Ji, whose popularity soared after his role in the series Jewel in the Palace, is awaiting the opening of another movie in which he stars opposite Moon So-ri, and has been cast to star opposite Yum Jung-ah in a new movie by Lim Sang-soo.

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